Harley DavidsonWhat is the first thought that comes to your mind when you think about buying a superbike? Most of the ardent bike lovers would answer that they would like to own the stylish and sophisticated Harley Davidson. With some of the famous Hollywood action heroes endorsing this bike, a Harley Davidson (HD) tops the list of favorite bikes among bike enthusiasts.

Harley Davidson is regarded as one of the most consistent bikes since its introduction. Though most of us would like to own this stunning bike; very few of us can afford it. Most of us cannot come up with the required budget to finance this stylish bike. However, bike lovers can profit from some online auctions. These auction websites offer some Salvage Harley Davidson Motorcycles at affordable prices.

If you thought that the craze for this iconic bike is limited to men, think again. With time, women have also started taking keen interest in this bike. According to the Motorcycle Industry Council, purchases by women have accounted for 12% of the heavyweight motorcycle sales in 2013. The company has also started offering riding instructions to beginners.

Founded in Milwaukee, HD is one of the major American motorcycle manufacturers that survived the Great Depression. Taking into account the growing popularity of this bike, let us take a look at some of the best looking bikes that have been developed by the company in its history.

  • JH Two Cam: This was the first bike by the company that had a two-cam engine. It was available to the public in 1928. Earlier used solely for racing, the bike had a speed of 85-100 mph.
  • DAH Hillclimber: The first Hillclimber was introduced back in 1932 by HD. It is known for its overhead valve arrangement of 45 cubic-inches.
  • FX Super Glide: The 1200cc super bike was introduced in the early 1970s and had a speed of 65-70mph. The fiberglass Euro-inspired seat with bold graphics gives it a unique look.
  • EL Knucklehead: This was the first of the modern Harley Davidson bike available today. The air-cooled twins that were introduced by the company in the later years were inspired by this bike. The style of the bikes that are being produced today is similar to EL Knucklehead. Today, the original Knucklehead is considered the father of all the bikes manufactured by the company.

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