It didn’t come as a surprise, when the Fremont-based company Tesla took the top spot in 2015 Consumer Reports rankings with its Model S for the second time on the trot. German automobiles, however, were not that far behind, by taking up seven spots in the top 11 of this elite car ranking report. The 2015 Consumer Reports rankings further validated the authority of German brands such as Mercedes, Audi, and BMW, when it comes to delivering cars that deliver customer satisfaction, with their suave designs and innovative engineering. The blog discusses five exciting German cars that dominated the 2015 Consumer Reports rankings and are some of the top picks across salvage car auctions featuring salvage BMW, Mercedes, and Audi cars for sale. Take a look.

1. BMW M235i
With a near-perfect score of 98, BMW M235i gave tough competition to the Model S, but lost the top spot by a single point in the 2015 Consumer Reports rankings. The only BMW to feature in this elite list, BMW M235i received rave reviews for its 320-hp engine, top-notch interiors, phenomenal handling and an “ultimate driving machine” experience overall.

2. Mercedes S550
Mercedes put up its flagship S-Class into the competition with the introduction of Maybach, AMG models and the S550 sedan. The S550 proved to be the winner with the testers floored by its sensational ride quality, serenading performance and superlative safety features. The S550 received the total score of 96 to take up the third spot overall.

3. Mercedes-Benz E250 BlueTec
Next up we have the Mercedes E250 BlueTec in the list. Testers were surprised to see its turbocharged diesel model, effectively returning an economy of 30 miles per gallon, which gave an estimated range of 800 miles in total. The E250 received an astounding score of 93, thanks to its 369 lb-ft torque rating, sportiness, handling, and fine crafted interiors.

4. Audi A8 L
The top-scoring of the three Audis that qualified for the top 11 rankings, the flagship long-wheelbase A8 model wooed the testers with its plush interiors, astonishing fuel economy, and sportiness. The exuberant A8 L received a score of 91 to be tied seventh overall in the Consumer Reports rankings for 2015.

5. Audi A6
Next up in the list, we have the midsize sports sedans from Audi, the A6. The agile vehicle caught the tester’s attention with its smooth supercharged 3.0 TFSI engine that reported the figure of 310 horsepower and sprint timing of 5.3 seconds to the 60 miles per hour mark. The Testers were especially pleased with the plush nature and noise filtering of the car’s interiors, and gave the car an overall score of 90, which is the same as its A brand mate.

Wrapping up
The Customer Report’s rankings for 2015 were full of surprises and barring the top spot contender, the Tesla Model S, it was astonishing to see such close competition. German car models were not far behind the Tesla, and the fact that seven of the top 11 places were secured by the likes of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi, itself signifies the excellence of German engineering in the automobile market. If the list features the car of your desire, and you don’t wish to dig deep in your pocket to purchase one, online salvage auctions featuring mercedes-benz, Audi, and BMW for sale, offer an exciting opportunity. You can purchase salvage cars for sale by owners, at AutoBidMaster. We are a reputable salvage auto auction website giving you access to various makes and models at rock bottom prices. You can learn more about our bidding process, services, and inventory by giving us a call at +1 (503) 298-4300 or filling out our contact form.

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