The 1960 was a golden era for automobiles, with various established and upcoming brands battling it out for glory. It was an era when style, speed, performance and power were driving new muscular models, with each one being an eye-popping beauty. The result was a slew of classic cars that are even worshipped today by car enthusiasts. The value of these classics, have only appreciated over time. Though it is difficult to shortlist just five cars out of the ensemble cars of 1960s, if anyone makes a list of top 10 cars, these five will definitely find a place.

 Iconic Classic Cars

Lamborghini Miura
Lamborghini Miura is considered one of the most beautiful cars ever made; and it was the only car that could give the Ferrari and Porsche a run for their money. Fitted with a mammoth mid-rear mounted V12 3929 cc V12 engine, the Miura was Lamborghini’s first supercar. This Italian sports car made its debut in the 1966 Geneva auto show. It was the fastest production car of its time and was made till 1973.

Aston Martin DB5 (1963-1965)
Who doesn’t remember the car used by James Bond on his way to Monaco while outspeeding the notorious SPECTRE in the movie “Goldfinger”, released in 1964? The Aston Martin DB5 has always been an iconic car. It is one of the most famous and well-known cars, although only 1030 cars have been produced.

Porsche 911
This classic beauty has its original design inspired by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche and Erwin Komenda. Launched in 1964 with a flat-6 engine, Porsche 911 has been a dream for several generations. Over the years Porsche has further refined and developed the engine capacity and performance. It is still in production and despite upgrades and modifications the basic shape and design remains the same. Porsche 911 is one car that has never lost its appeal.

Ferrari 250 GTO
Launched in 1962, Ferrari 250 GTO was among the earliest classic sports cars, with a 300 BHP V12 engine. This car was especially developed by Enzo Ferrari for FIA races which required only production cars to participate. It is considered the top classic Ferrari of all times.

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Ford GT40 (1964-1969)
The fabulous Ford GT40 was created in 1964 to take on Ferrari on speed and performance. It was powered by a Ford V-8 6997 cc engine and won several championships including Le Mans. It was assembled in both UK and USA. In the five years of production till 1969, only a few thousand of this four-speed manual transmission supercars were made, making it all the more coveted of the 1960’s classic cars.

Wrapping Up
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