Roads these days have more than a few examples that strengthen one’s faith in Darwin’s theory of evolution! Despite increasing instances of road mishaps and stricter laws against reckless driving, many of us do not take the time to learn the safety practices one should follow while behind the wheels. No matter whether you are learning driving on your maiden ride that you bought through a salvage car auction or have years of experience, we give you five fairly obvious, but often ignored safety practices every driver must follow. Take a look.

Road Safety Practices

1. Adjust Rear View Mirrors
Ladies and gentlemen, the rear view mirrors in your car are not meant to be used as vanity mirrors! Even if you do change the adjustment of your car’s rearview mirrors, make sure you fix the view before resuming your journey. Especially when driving in city traffic, you cannot afford to ignore rear view mirrors.

2. Use Hazard Lights When Needed
Hazard lights are provided in every car for a reason – to be used in case there is any kind of emergency resulting in an unexpected halt. Using hazard lights when parked on a busy road not only helps prevent other vehicles ramming into your car, but also sends out a signal that you might need help.

3. Never Text While Driving
Countless people get injured in road accidents around the world, with many losing their lives, for one small crime – texting while driving. Though people usually do not discuss urgent affairs via texts, even if there is something that cannot wait, stop the car before checking or responding to any text.

4. Use Turn Indicator When Changing Lanes
A substantial number of road accidents happen when people change lanes, unannounced. Keep in mind the turn indicators on your car have more purpose to them than letting others know when you are about to make a turn. Use the turn indicators well before switching lanes, so that other drivers on the road can anticipate and respond to the movement.

5. Do Not Check Billboards
Many people meet with accidents due to the distraction caused by billboards. Despite repeated demands to prohibit these distractions, not much has changed. So, it is your, and only your, responsibility to keep your eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. Remember, a moment of distraction can lead to countless moments of despair.

Wrap Up
Things we own, often end up owning us, and in some cases, can even cost us our lives. While it goes without saying that owning a car directly translate into freedom and convenience, it is important to ensure the experience doesn’t get tainted by any undesirable event. When driving, follow all the safety practices you know and help make the world a relatively safer place for one and all. If you are yet to buy your maiden ride or are looking to add to your collection without disrupting your finances, feel free to check out our salvage car auctions. We carry an array of options, ranging from repairable cars for sale to rides that are ready to hit the road. To learn more, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300, Monday to Friday, 6am to 4pm (GMT-8:00).

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