Used and repossessed cars for sale are different from accident damaged cars. Despite most of the cars having no apparent issues, it is still important to inspect your options before you buy. One of the areas that need your attention is the body work. Whether its a fender bender or a door ding, dents on the appearance of your car are not only unpleasing but also reduces the value of the vehicle. Repairs are important and so is saving when you do so. Here are some tips to help you keep your auto body work costs down.

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Know the rates
Before settling for any auto repair shop, first ask about their auto body repair rates which must be less than mechanical rates. The idea is not to go for the lowest rate but one that gives you savings without compromising the quality of work you get. Remember to check your bill to make sure that you have been charged at the quoted rate.

Consider latest techniques
Depending on the nature and extent of damage to the repossessed car for sale that you buy, you can opt for the latest auto body repair techniques such as PDR (Paintless Damage Repair). The techniques works without sanding, body filler, and painting. This gives you savings and also positions you for an insurance waiver on the deductible or a discount, depending on your insurance company.

Replace instead of repair
In some instances, it is easier and cheaper to replace a damaged part as opposed to trying to repair it. Some of the parts that you can replace include a fender bender. Look for information on the internet on how to proceed if you are not sure.

Although you must always opt for a professional repair job, it may be advisable to take care of some issues yourself. If your car has minor scratches, you can easily repair them on your own before taking the car to the auto body repair shop. Check for minor scratches and chips and use the best tools, products, and processes to fix the problem.

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