BMW, a name synonymous with style and performance, is known for manufacturing premium cars packed with leading-edge features. The only problem is the heavy price tags of the cars from the German automaker. That is the reason an increasing number of people are turning to seized car auctions to buy used BMW cars for sale. While you can always count on AutoBidMaster to let you take your pick from an array of options, it is important for you to be aware of the finer lines of the proposition. Read on as we present a brief guide to help you land a great deal at our seized car auctions. 

Research Available Models and Features

In a bid to impress buyers from all budget segments, BMW has released various trims of all of its popular car models. So, it is important to do your research on the models and variants available and the features they offer. Bear in mind that the selling price of a top-of-the-line trim will be much higher than that of a base trim. If your budget is a constraint, you can go for the base trim of the BMW car you wish to buy.

Check the Description and Vehicle History

As a  leading seized car auction websites, provides detailed information about the vehicles up for auction. You can simply go through the description of the listed vehicles, which should give you all the information you may need to make an informed buying decision. It is also important to check the history of the vehicle you plan to buy by running a vehicle history report through the vehicle’s  VIN on a trusted website like 

Check the Service History

This is another critical aspect to cover when buying used BMW cars for sale. The service history of a vehicle gives you a clear overview of how it was maintained by its previous owners. If the car has been serviced as per the manufacturer-prescribed schedule, it’ll have significantly  fewer problems than the cars serviced intermittently. So, make sure the car you choose has a consistent service history. 

Carry Out an Inspection

The next key step in the process is carrying out a thorough inspection. If you lack the know-how to carry out an inspection yourself, you can always hire a third party inspection service to look at the vehicle for you. All you need to do is contact the support desk of the auction website on which the desired vehicle is listed and book a time slot to visit their salvage yard. A physical inspection will let you find out the car’s problems and the expenses they will entail. 

Factor in Maintenance Expenses

Buying used BMW cars for sale is just the beginning. You need to remember that the vehicle will need  regular maintenance. So, before you go ahead and buy any used BMW cars for sale through seized car auctions, make sure you are clear about its maintenance. If you’re unsure, you can always contact a service professional to provide an estimate of periodic maintenance expenses or visit a BMW service center. 

Wrap Up

Buying used BMW cars for sale is a great option for everyone who wishes to own an automotive marvel from the German automaker but has been restricted by their budget. Simply register at and start exploring our extensive inventory of used BMW cars for sale. If you have any questions about any of the vehicles or our seized car auctions, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or text us at +1 (503) 897-9799, Monday to Friday, 6 am to 4 pm (GMT-8:00). 

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