Checking a vehicle history report using a VIN is an important step when buying a used or salvage car, as it lets you get a complete view of all possible issues pertaining to your potential purchase. A VIN has seventeen digits that can be found on the car’s chassis serving as a unique identification code. Auto auctions online such as offer detailed information on available vehicles, but it is still important to check the vehicle history with a ClearVIN VIN Check Report. Continuing on the subject, we’re presenting 3 reasons why a car VIN number lookup is important when bidding at salvage auto auctions.

Check the Past Damage to the Vehicle

A physical inspection will only reveal so much about a car’s history and maintenance. While you can depend on the information provided by reputable auto auction sites, a VIN check is a sure way to know what a car has been through and the level of care it has received by way of comprehensive professional maintenance information. When you run a VIN check, you’ll see information pertaining to any accidents the car may have been involved in as well as the nature of the damage.

Check History of Ownership

A vehicle history report will also provide information about a car’s ownership history. You’ll get to know the number of owners the car has gone through and the duration of ownership. You also get to know where in the country the vehicle has been driven giving you the ability to arrive at a fairly accurate estimation of its life expectancy.

Verify Mileage Information

One aspect that you must always be on the lookout for when buying a used or salvage car is the mileage. Vehicle history information allows you to verify the authenticity of the advertised mileage so as to decide whether or not the car is good for you. There have been cases of dealers tampering with odometers despite it being illegal to do so, which is why running a VIN check remains important.

The Last Word

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