The 60s marked the start of a golden era of classic cars in the US, as it saw the introduction of many cars that have gone on to become automotive icons. The period between the 60s and the 70s also witnessed the entry of muscle cars. A lot of people visiting auto auctions in Houston and other places are on the lookout for classic cars from the same period. AutoBidMaster salvage automobile auctions feature a variety of classic cars and the selection is constantly refreshed with new options every week. Here are some of the most notable picks from the best cars of the 60s. 

1. Pontiac GTO

The powerful and stylish car designed by John DeLorean is regarded by many as the first ‘true’ muscle car. A large number of classic cars that came after the Pontiac GTO were undeniably inspired by its success as all four domestic carmakers in the US started offering competing models. GTO was an optional package on the intermediate-sized Pontiac LeMans. Even today, The Pontiac GTO is adored by many and a hot favorite at online auto auctions. 

2. Lincoln Continental

The fourth generation Lincoln Continental which graced the market in the 60s was a game changer as opposed to its predecessors. The classic car boasts a sleek design and distinct center-opening suicide doors. It was produced by Lincoln, a division of American Ford Motor Company and was inspired by a personal car built by Edsel Ford. 

3. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang definitely deserves mention whenever there is talk about iconic classic cars. It remains a favorite for many classic car enthusiasts as few of their peers from the 60s or any other era have made such a tremendous impact on the automotive market.  The Ford Mustang is relatively cheap and there are many options when looking to buy one. Despite the passage of many decades ever since its entry on the market, it is still a super-cool ride. 

4. Ford Thunderbird

A major commercial success that graced the market in the period 1964-66, the Ford Thunderbird was the fourth generation of the model and the last to be offered as a convertible. The classic car is aesthetically gifted and a great performer on the road. You can find one at an affordable price when you browse through online auto auctions. 

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