Can you tell us about yourself, Kwadwo Mireku?

Since 2008, I have been buying vehicles from auctions and sending them back to Ghana. I started purchasing vehicles solely from the U.S. in 2015. And starting in 2016, I began purchasing only at AutoBidMaster.

A Hobby Turned into a Business

Rebuilding cars used to be my hobby, but now, it is also my business— I have rebuilt and sold over 35 vehicles.

A Hands-On Challenge

In the past, I used to be a banker, but I had a bigger passion for working on cars. So, I switched jobs and never looked back. I am naturally a more business-oriented person, and this new work resonates with me. I enjoy the hands-on challenge and the fact that many different things go into rebuilding a vehicle.

How do you use AutoBidMaster’s range of products and services— our auto auction, shipping with EasyHaul, and VIN checks with ClearVin?

I only use ABM to buy vehicles. comes in handy when I look at vehicles in restricted states, such as Alabama, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Because these states are restricted, their vehicles are less competitive, and that is what brought me to ABM.

What is your experience like with AutoBidMaster?

My experience has always been very great. I keep using ABM again and again.

Seamless Services

I have used other brokers, but the services do not have the same quality and affordability as ABM. For example, other brokers don’t send the invoice or documents right away. I would have to check on them. But with ABM, all the information is delivered automatically within minutes.

Which of AutoBidMaster’s products or services stands out to you, and why?

ABM Customer Service is the Best

ABM’s customer service is the best. The team is always ready to answer questions and help in any way, which is a huge plus. Customer service is vital and they have always done a great job. A close second favorite is the ability to bid directly in auctions.

Attention to Detail

In one situation, the ABM team helped win an auction where I was about to be outbid. ABM always guides through the process with great attention to detail.

A second situation I can recall is ABM was able to negotiate a fair price with a seller that had set a high price initially. I ended up winning the auction, and that was a very sweet feeling.

What have you been able to achieve since working with AutoBidMaster?

I have purchased about 35 cars from ABM. 30% remained in the U.S., and about 70% went back to Africa.

People are Delighted To Buy

People are always delighted to buy my vehicles in Ghana, and I get recommended by others in the region.

What is the main reason you’d recommend AutoBidMaster?

Customer service at ABM is number one. My essential buyer’s services agent is Lana. She is always ready to go above and beyond. Also, Luba helped out a very complex situation once. The title of the vehicles had gone missing, and Luba stepped in, helped out, and resolved it in full.

What is a favorite car that you have rebuilt?

That is a difficult question. One of my top favorites vehicles includes the 2015 Camry and the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. I did not have to spend a lot to rebuild the Hyundai.

A Better Price

But whatever car I rebuild, it is always rewarding to help people save money by getting the same vehicle at a more manageable price. With any vehicle at AutoBidMaster, they can get at a better price than at the dealer.

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