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Most celebrities love splurging on luxurious cars and becoming the talk of the tinsel town. From actors to rappers to reality stars, they use these cars as their status symbol. Although the cost of any of the celebrity vehicles can help an average person in the US to retire easily, such high costs don’t deter car enthusiasts from dreaming about them. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous celebrity cars admired the world over. Kim Kardashian – Ferrari F430 The F430 was designed for the new generation of Ferrari V8-engined Berlinettas. The research and engineering before building every inch of the car is carried out by the gestione Sportiva F1 racing division of Ferrari. The most breathtaking features of the car include the engine’s torque that optimizes traction, and the commutator switch mounted on the steering wheel that directly controls the dynamic system. Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental The car was…

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