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Produced by German-operated Volkswagen, the Jetta model is a small-sized family car that has been manufactured since 1979. The vehicle has been marketed in six generations, and was originally produced to fill the company’s sedan gap. The car has been offered as a two or four door sedan and a five door station wagon; all variations are made to seat five people comfortably. Statistics from 2005 estimate that nearly 7 million Jettas have been sold worldwide, with one-third sold in the United States alone. Since its inception, each subsequent Jetta has become larger and more powerful.

Because of the car’s popularity in the United States, spare parts are often needed for both older and newer Jettas. Commonly-needed replacement parts include exterior accessories like body kits, interior accessories like mirror ornaments, various lights like the headlight and the fog lights, performance parts like the exhaust and intakes, suspension parts like the sway bars and the lowering springs, brake parts like rotors and brake pads, and transmission parts like pressure plates and flywheels. If purchased new, such parts might be expensive. For instance, when bought from the manufacturer, the transmission pressure plates cost almost $1,000.

However, mechanics and dealerships often require pressure plates for repairs. One alternative to purchasing new spare parts is to purchase used parts. One can find used parts in near-mint condition, and the used pressure plates will function just as well as their new counterparts. Mechanics might search for used Jetta parts in salvage yards. However, physically visiting salvage yards is time consuming, especially if one lives far away from the needed yard. In addition, manually searching through the yard is time consuming and might be tedious.

Online auto purchases, such as though facilitated by, eliminate the need for mechanics to physically wade through salvage yards. In fact, carries a wide range of parts, although these parts are not for individual sale. Instead, brokers the purchase of entire salvage vehicles, like Jettas, through Copart Auto Auctions. Purchasing these salvage vehicles has numerous advantages.

As noted, online vehicle shopping eliminates the need for mechanics to visit salvage yards. With an expansive and comprehensive nationwide database, facilitates easy transactions. In addition, the company also ships the purchased salvage vehicle directly to one’s garage or body shop for a reasonable price. In this way, one saves time, energy, and effort.

In addition, purchasing salvage vehicles saves one money. As noted above, Jetta parts can be relatively expensive. By contrast, one can purchase an entire salvage vehicle and use the Jetta for its workable parts. Because these parts are often like new, one saves a substantial amount of money. In fact, mechanics can even profit from salvage purchases. For example, a salvage VW Jetta ensures that the company has a steady supply of much-needed and typically-required replacement parts. In this way, the body shop has cheaper replacement parts for customers, and all parties in question save money.

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