Car lovers who want style, action and elegance in their car have probably dream about driving an Audi TTS Roadster… and why not? After all, who would not want to drive around in a beautiful car that is an epitome of luxury inside and out? Audi has been churning out some of the most amazing cars; one after the other, each one with a class of its own.

However, with a struggling economy and a constantly rising cost of living, not many can afford purchasing a brand new sparkling car by the brand. Does this mean Audi lovers will simply have to stay away from the brand they adore as much as they do? Not really… if you have been trying hard to save for your favorite car, then read on!

Salvage car auctions, which provide car lovers a vehicle of their choice at highly affordable prices, are the new rage. The salvage auto market is a great concept which offers variety, convenience and affordability in a single package. Salvage auto auctions have opened the used car market to millions of people who had always wanted to buy their own vehicle, but the price tags kept them away! I recently purchased my 2011 Audi TTS Quattro through an online car auction.

A big chunk of people shy away from online car auctions as they assume that the vehicles sold online are absolute junk. I beg to differ! Yes, it’s agreed that most vehicles listed at salvage auctions are severely damaged. However, one can also find vehicles with little to moderate damage. Repossessed cars, theft recovered cars and police impound cars are usually found to be in fairly good condition; such vehicles usually run well on the road after repairs.

I got my 2011 Audi TTS Quattro at the unbeatable price of $3,250. Another thousand dollars went in to restore the car; however, it was a great bargain in the end, with a similar model priced at about $49,000! I could find a vehicle that suited my needs best after spending some time doing online research before placing a bid. In fact, the auction website even inspected the car at my request for a fee. Moreover, the listing displayed the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) next to the clear images of the car along with other information.

The biggest reason why I loved my online auction experience is the sheer convenience and huge savings that were made possible! Right from my home on a Sunday afternoon, I found and bought my Audi. I wonder if it can ever get easier! All transactions took place online, and the auction website even assisted in getting the car shipped to the port nearest to me. I am sure such auto auctions are here to stay in times to come.

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