I have always wanted a luxury sedan but couldn’t afford one. The next viable option was to buy a used one. I met many prospective sellers but none seemed trustworthy or, worse, there was something wrong with their vehicle that made me cynical of the used car buying experience.

Then somebody suggested me that I try a salvage car. I had never even heard of salvaged cars but a friend, who happens to be an expert mechanic, encouraged me to take this path. He directed me to https://www.autobidmaster.com/en/.

I shortlisted Cadillac CTS ( the hottest ride on the market if you ask me). My friend helped me determine the final price by evaluating the investments I would be required to make to get the repair job done. Next I placed my bid and won. I was on top of the world, after all I had just bought a Cadillac CTS.

My friend guided me through the different steps to get my Cadillac CTS restored. Here they are in case you find yourself in a similar situation:

  • He insisted that I use original parts for restoration, which, I must confess, did not seem a viable proposition to me at that time. However, I still thank him to this day for using these parts as they increased the life of the vehicle considerably. My Cadillac CTS has clocked almost 5,000 miles and so far it has never given me any trouble.
  • We then got the vehicle for inspected to remove the salvage title.
  • Finally, we repainted the car using a professional body shop and had the interior floor mats replaced. In the end, it looked like a brand new car.

Today I drive around and proudly flaunt my car, all thanks to my friend and of  course, AutoBidMaster, who turned my dream into a reality.

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