I still remember visiting an auto show in 1990. I was a kid back then and not that big a fan of cars. But my outlook regarding cars changed in an instant, as soon as I reached the Chevrolet stand.

The Chevrolet Camaro – radiant, colorful and gleaming in the stadium lights, left me speechless. I made a resolution that day—my first car will be Chevrolet Camaro and no other.

Ten years later when I turned 18, I asked my dad to buy me my dream car. Since I was a beginner, he didn’t want to make huge investment and so he procured a salvage car for me.

We logged into https://www.autobidmaster.com/en/ and sailed through the entire process smoothly. Honestly, the navigation was effortless and the pictures and other vehicle related details were so comprehensive that the entire process took just a little more than an hour. And, within the next couple of days I got the keys to my dream car, The Chevrolet Camaro. I strongly suggest buying salvage vehicle through AutoBidMaster, a registered Copart broker.

A few repairs and changes later, the car looked as good as new. I presented it for inspection and after completing the legalities got the title removed. I used this car for the next 5 years. Then I got a job in Buffalo and after saving for a year I decided to sell my old Camaro in order to buy a brand new one. I got in touch with my mechanic friend and we got to work to enhance the value of my car.

We Took the Following Steps:

  • We cleaned the car thoroughly, changed the oil and serviced the parts.
  • Next step was to create an impressive sales pitch, which didn’t prove too difficult. We created an effective storyboard and a slogan to attract buyers.
  • Then we decided the selling price. I must say that my friend played a major role here. At first I was not that impressed with the price he suggested. But he insisted that, when selling a salvage car, being realistic is the key to finding prospective buyers. I finally saw the wisdom in his words and agreed to the price he had suggested.
  • Next, we posted the pictures and all the relevant details online. Given the huge user base that the Internet reaches to, it was the obvious choice for advertising.
  • The next few days were quite hectic. I was busy taking calls from interested buyers. Finally, I zeroed on a couple who were interested in buying the car. They seemed genuine and after a series of negotiations we decided to draft the sale deed. I used my earnings towards a brand new Camaro.

Today, I proudly move around in a new car. But the first love and first car, as they say, are special.

Thanks AutoBidMaster!

AutoBidMaster Staff Writer

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