One mans’ junk is another’s treasure. Who can understand this better than us and our happy customers?

When Peter, a junior executive in a private firm, decided to buy his own car, he faced many hurdles, finance being just one of them. However, once he connected with us at, he discovered that he too can own his dream car.

Peter registered and started looking for a suitable car in our exhaustive inventory that boasts of thousands of vehicles of all kinds. He chose a 2010 Volkswagen Passat KOM 2.0L 4 with a salvage title. The vehicle had been through a collision, and hence carried a salvage title.

Peter even called in to talk to our team about the vehicle. Our team members informed him about the various options available to him. The car had some rear end damage, but nothing that could not be fixed.

Apart from going through the vehicle details, Peter used the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to know more about the car. He did a detailed research, and after making a refundable security deposit, he was eligible to place a bid. Using the shipping fee calculator on our website, he quickly decided the bid amount.

A lot of people write off salvage titled cars as a trash. However, moderately damaged, recovered or repossessed vehicles can be roadworthy after just a little restoration. Smart shoppers know this and use salvaged cars as a way to get in the drivers seat of the car of their dreams, one they couldn’t afford if they purchased it off of a dealer lot.

Since Peter was the highest online bidder, we took his bid to the next level after the preliminary auction, the live auction. Here, our representatives secured his win at the bid price for the Passat.

After Peter had made the complete payment via a wire transfer, we even assisted with shipping the vehicle right up to his home through a third party.

Peter, however, needed to do some work on the purchased car. Owing to the salvage title, he could not drive the vehicle on road. After getting it restored and the salvage removed, he called in to thank our team. His happiness on owning the car he wanted was quite apparent over the phone.

Peter’s story is a special one. Like Peter, we have helped many customers own their dream car. AutoBidMaster offers a smart, convenient and safe platform to people across the USA, Canada and other areas to buy a vehicle of their choice.

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