Have you ever been to an auction house? That’s how all auctions used to be conducted. You went to a location, sat in a room with a group of bidders, and placed your bids as items came up. With the advent of the internet, auctions can vary in many more ways now. You can even bid on items worldwide from the comfort of your living room couch.

There are lots of online auctions to choose from. Looking for collectables, toys, or furniture? Ebay is a popular choice. Looking for a salvage car? Ebay may not have many listings for you, but AutoBidMaster has thousands of vehicles to choose from!

1999 Freightliner

What kind of vehicle are you looking for? A relatively new family sedan? A vintage sports car? A boat? No longer do you have to find a car you like at your local auction house, trudge down and wait in the sun or snow for your vehicle to come up. Nowadays, you can conduct the whole process online, with a team available by phone, email, and live chat to help you with any questions you may have. From questions about placing a deposit, to bidding on your behalf and arranging shipping, auto auctions have never been easier.

2015 Ferrari

Right now, as you read this very sentence, you can click a link to go straight to AutoBidMaster and peruse the selection. To get started bidding, you just create an account and place a deposit, find a vehicle you like, and place your bid. There is no need to apply for a dealer’s license or even leave your desk!

AutoBidMaster has years of experience bringing online auctions to ordinary people, helping to sell thousands of cars a year. We are always improving and developing our website in order to better serve our customers. Examples of newer features are tools like the Final Cost Calculator and the Shipping Calculator. These help make the process easier by offering an estimate of what you will end up paying to purchase the vehicle and get it to you, based on where you are and how much you are bidding.

The seamlessness of modern auto auctions with AutoBidMaster is not something to take for granted. It is a relatively new invention, and one that we are honored to offer. We are always looking for ways to improve the bidding experience, so keep an eye out for the “next big thing!”


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