We have talked about what you can do with AutoBidMaster: Buy a Ferrari for $32,000. Get a Jeep Liberty for $2,000. Secure a boat and trailer for only $1,000. Auctions make a wide variety of vehicles and items available for as little as you want to pay. The variety is endless, including classic 1930’s pickup trucks, recent model ATVs, snowmobiles, family sedans, and more! Typically, you would need a dealer’s license to take advantage of the great deals on these items, but AutoBidMaster provides the opportunity to purchase salvage vehicles even without the extra paperwork.

To bid and buy with AutoBidMaster, you will need to have an active account with us. Once you have an account set up with a picture ID and a refundable deposit in place, you are ready to learn how to place your first bid!

Use the vehicle finder to find a car that you like. We have everything from 2015 Lamborghinis to 1930 Ford Model A’s to full yachts. Whatever you are looking for, the chance is good that we have it or will have it any day now! When you find a vehicle of interest, check the sale date. This will let you know how much time is left (if any) for you to complete an inspection of the vehicle. You will be able to visit the auction yard and inspect the car in person up to one day prior to the Live Auction. If you would like us to arrange for a professional inspection, please let us know at least three days prior to the Live Auction. Be sure to note the lot number! This is the easiest way to identify a listed vehicle with AutoBidMaster and at the Copart yard. The sale date will also let you know when to be ready to take care of payment and paperwork in the case that you are the lucky winner.

When you are confident that this vehicle is a good buy, try to determine how much you would be willing to pay for the vehicle in total. Include all associated fees in calculating this price. Each Lot Listing Page on AutoBidMaster includes a Final Price Calculator as well as a Shipping Calculator. These tools make it easy to determine the full cost of the vehicle.

When you have decided, simply enter your maximum bid in the bidding box to the right of the vehicle images and select Bid Now. The system will bid incrementally for you up to the maximum bid, allowing you to maintain your position as the high bidder without exceeding your budget. If you see a blue Buy It Now button below the bidding box, you may instead select this button to bypass the auction process entirely and just buy the car right away.

When the vehicle goes into Live Auction on the listed Sale Date, things speed up. We recommend watching a few Live Auctions before participating in one. This allows you to get a better sense of the pace and structure. Pre-bidding (also known as Preliminary Bidding) will be closed one hour before the Live Auction. Maximum bids placed during Pre-bidding will automatically be included in the Live Auction. If you are too busy to sit in on the auction, just be sure to place your maximum bid prior to the close of Pre-bidding so that you will be represented. Remember there are only 20 seconds between bids in a live auction! Even if you can watch it you may want to place a big Pre-Bid anyway.

That’s all there is to it. At the conclusion of the Live Auction, whether you participated directly or not, we will let you know if you are the winning bidder! Go ahead, give it a try.

AutoBidMaster Staff Writer

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