Purchasing a salvage title car is not a complex process. You go online to a bidding site, choose the car that fits into your lifestyle and bid for it. Online auction sites such as Autobidmaster help you throughout the whole process making it a hassle free affair. Having said that, there are other things you will need to do once your purchase the car of your choice.

One important task after the purchase of any salvage vehicle is to insure it. You might think that salvage title cars are not insurable, however, that’s not true. While getting insurance for your salvage cars might be tricky at times, all you need is to be careful handling certain points such as cost of repair, choosing the insurance company, going through the policies and more. In this article, we discuss the steps involved in insuring salvage cars as well as the issues you should be aware of.

Things to Know Before Insuring a Salvage Car

  • Reasons why the car was salvaged or totaled
  • The repairability of the car
  • The state laws regarding registration and insurance of salvage cars
  • The type of coverage, comprehensive or just liability, you can get
  • Your ability to afford additional repairs in case of any accident

If you plan to insure your salvage vehicle, you need to get clarity on all these points before you sign the dotted line. During the auction of salvage title cars in Los Angeles or any other city in the US, many auctioneers provide free Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check. By going through VIN Check, you learn about the history of a salvage car including car ownership, number of accidents and reasons behind accidents.

After you purchase a salvage car, there are certain steps you need to follow to get it insured.

Steps to Insure a Salvage Car

Rules and laws related to salvage cars are different across the USA, with each state’s Department of Motor Vehicles monitoring and enforcing them. Though, there are some variations in the rules and laws for every state, there are some common steps you will need to follow to get insurance coverage for a salvage car.

Consult Your Current Auto Insurer

It is always wise to consult your current auto insurer rather than going to a new insurer. Your current insurance agent will accurately inform you about all the issues and conditions required for coverage of your salvage car. Often one can also get discounts or greater coverage if more than one vehicle is covered.

Research on ‘Salvage Insurance’

There are a number of insurance companies, who can provide insurance for salvage cars. After consulting your current insurance agent, it is always wise to seek information and quotes from other insurance companies.

Read the Policy Carefully

Before signing on the dotted line, it is a prerequisite to read all the terms and conditions related to salvage car insurance. Many times, you may find a different type of insurance listed in the policy section, though always opt for at least liability insurance.

The bottom-line is that auto insurance for salvage cars is very much possible though you need to be cautious. Learn everything you can about auto insurance and if auto insurance for salvage vehicles  is even possible in your state. If it is, follow these steps and you will get the best rate for your salvage vehicle.

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