Have you decided to buy a flood damaged car for sale? If your answer is a “yes”, you need to learn a few facts about these vehicles before you can proceed.

There is no point in regretting your purchase later when you can get all the facts upfront and make an informed decision from the outset. Salvaged cars sell for a fraction of the cost of a new car the same model year.

Flood Damaged Cars

Conduct a VIN Check
If you wish to buy a flood damaged cars for sale, you should order a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check. A VIN check or a vehicle history report (VHR) shows the official declaration of the car as a flood-damaged vehicle along with a comprehensive history.

Ensure that the Engine is Dry
Modern cars are particularly vulnerable to water damage due to the presence of intricate electronics. A little water can severely and permanently corrode its electronics and engine.

Aim to buy a salvage vehicle with a dry engine. oping-in a mechanical expert to challenge sellers on the mechanical soundness of salvaged vehicles will help to avoid any hidden problems.

Check if the Interiors are Sound
There are some areas that you need to look at to decide if the car with a watery history is good for you. You may proceed to buy a water-damaged salvage car only if:

● The upholstery matches the carpeting.
● Rust is not visible in places such as trunk latches, door hinges, gas and brake pedals.
● There is no mud or silt in the glove compartment or below the seats.
● Water beads are invisible in the dome light.
● Floor carpeting is dry.
● There is no moldy smell.
● Wires below the dashboard are flexible when touched.
● Dashboard warnings and accessory lights function properly.
● The air-conditioner, windshield wipers, heater, and radio, are in perfect working condition.

Opt for a Car without a Flood/Salvage Stamp
It is safe to buy cars without a flood or salvage stamp. Such a title shows that at some point, a bank, insurance company, or owner of the car, deemed it to be irreparable. In such cases, the car will experience issues unless it underwent major repairs after the incident.

Check if the Car Can Be Insured
You need to find out if it is possible to get insurance for your salvage car. Most insurance companies won’t insure salvaged vehicles. If any of them offer to, , full coverage is likely not an option for your water-damaged car and the amount of coverage will be limited. Opt for locating an insurer that lowers the amount of premium for the reduced value of the car.

Deciding to buy a salvage car is not a bad decision. Considering the factors listed above will help you make the right purchase. The decision ultimately depends on whether you want to make the leap and purchase a car that carries a bit of risk.

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