Buick first launched its Roadmaster package in 1936, a time when the Plymouth Custom Street Rod and the Lincoln Limousine ruled the road. Roadmasters, until 1958, were built on the longest non-limousine wheelbase, and had structures similar to entry-level Cadillacs. The vehicles soon gained attention, with the Roadmasters built between 1946 and 1957 enjoying the limelight. Today, these classics demand top dollars at auto auctions in Arizona, Florida, Texas, and several other places. Let’s have a look at four of the best Roadmasters produced between 1936 and 1953.

Buick Roadmasters for Sale

1. 1938 Roadmaster

1938 Buick Roadmaster

The 1938 Roadmasters mark the beginning of the second generation of the series. Buick didn’t make too many changes in the styling, which included taller bumper guards and a longer hood. The company improved the ride quality by installing double-acting shock absorbers, replacing the rear leaf springs with coil springs, and other changes. Buick also redesigned the engine’s combustion chambers, and added new “turbulator” pistons for increased compression. The result, the vehicle’s power jumped to 141 hp.

2. 1940 Roadmaster

1940 Buick Roadmaster

Ever seen a Cadillac Series 62, the Pontiac Torpedo, or the Oldsmobile Series 90? Well, that’s how the 1940 Buick Roadmasters looked. Featuring the cutting-edge “torpedo” C-body, they had no running boards, but more hip and shoulder room. These Roadmasters were based on a shorter wheelbase and weighed less than their predecessors. What was most interesting was their price; they were less expensive. This was also the first time when Buick introduced a 2-door coupe, and was able to sell 3,991 of these.

3. 1942 Roadmaster

1942 Buick Roadmaster

All the 1942 Roadmasters had a longer wheelbase. They were lower, longer, and offered more space than you’d find in a Roadmaster before — thanks to Harley Earl, the man behind the design. The 1942 Roadmasters also boasted the “Airfoil” fenders that made their way all the way to the fenders in the rear, which were initially found in the Buick Y-Job, a concept car by Buick in 1938. Later, Buick decided to drop the exterior chrome trim in these cars.

4. 1949 Roadmaster

1949 Buick Roadmaster

Buick majorly redesigned the Roadmasters in the 1949. Marking the fifth generation of Roadmasters, these vehicles for the first time had “Ventiports” that according to the sales brochure helped the engine ventilate effectively. Another major styling change was the curved glass windshield, which together with other features is the reason for their incessant demand in online auto auctions in Phoenix and other areas. The 1949 Roadmasters were slightly heavier than its predecessors, but they were shorter and built on a shorter wheelbase.


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