Land Rover, a dream name for adventure lovers, has rolled out an array of exhilarating SUVs. Be it Defender or Discovery, Land Rovers come with best-in-class configurations that make them a cut above the rest. However, before you plan a road trip with your friends, it is advisable to make a few adjustments to your Land Rover to prepare it for combating all kinds of situations you may face during the journey. If you are wondering what kind of modifications we are talking about, this blog post is for you. Read on.

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Roof Rack = Extra Luggage

One of the biggest necessities of an expedition is ample luggage space. A roof rack is a welcome addition, as it takes care of the need. Consider adding a full-framed rack, as it takes the form of a basket and you can place your stuff conveniently. Such frames even make it easy to tie the materials and ensure they don’t fall off. The best part of adding a roof rack on the Land Rover is that the SUV is capable of carrying that kind of load with ease. So, you will never miss out in the expedition due to limited space in the car.

Mud Tires = Risk-free Off-roading

Road trips, especially excursions to uncharted territories, are full of uncertainties. One moment you are driving on a clear road and the other you are on a muddy track. This makes it essential to invest in high quality mud tires (MT). While the on-road driving is not a matter of concern, especially if you are in a Land Rover, it is the off-road drive that may make or break the trip. Mud tires are a must add-on in your Land Rover when going on expeditions as these can make a lot of difference to the off-road handling of the vehicle.

Snorkel = Engine Protection

An expedition takes you to all kinds of places. The more you go off road, the more you need precaution. There will be instances where you will have to drive on rocky terrain or through standing or flowing water. Wading your way through water or dirt road will have its impact on the car engine because of the water or dust that seeps inside. Fixing a snorkel can prevent the flooding of the engine and even minimize the impact of dust that enters the engine because of the raised height of air intake. However, covering the snorkel is imperative to prevent water from entering inside for it is directly linked to the inside of the engine.

Alloy Wheels = Smooth Tough Terrain Drive

Alloy wheels are considered fashionable which is why most of the models of Land Rover come fitted with those wheels. But, when going on an expedition, you need better-fitted steel wheels because of their malleable and better shock absorbing ability. Another plus point of adding steel wheels to the SUV is that such wheels can stand the hard and rough impact of tough terrain where the brittle alloy wheels may break. Even though alloy wheels have their set of advantages, heavy duty steel wheels are a must during off-roading.

Steering Guard = Controlled Drive

The steering rod of the vehicle is sensitive and can lead to fishtailing when the steering parts hit a hard object. Adding a solid tungsten to keep the steering bar straight can avert such situations. The steering guard limits the bending of the steering bar and prevents deformation that ensures you are always in control of the Land Rover during the trip.

Modify to Your Advantage

Modifying an SUV with the simple upgrades we have discussed is sure to enhance its capabilities by a great extent; however, you need to ensure that you go for high quality parts. If you are yet to own a Land Rover, probably because of their heavy price tags, why not look for one in our totaled car auctions? We list an array of Land Rover models, in different conditions, including options with “minor dents and scratches”, which can be restored without having to invest a fortune. You can learn more about our services by giving us a call at +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill the contact form, and we will be happy to assist you.

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