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Founded in 1944, Kia is South Korea’s second largest car manufacturer, second only to Hyundai. In 2010 alone, the car company sold over 1.4 million vehicles. Kia vehicles can be classified in four categories: passenger cars, SUVs and vans, commercial vehicles, and electric vehicles. Popular passenger cars include the Venga, Soul, Forte, and Optima.

Kia vehicles are often praised for their durability and affordability. However, even the best-made cars require repairs, especially if the vehicle has withstood substantial wear and tear due to heavy use. Common body and mechanical parts for Kia passenger vehicles include alternators, starters, fenders, bumpers, brakes, automatic transaxle, the clutch, cooling system, and countless others. In addition, one might want to personalize or upgrade his or her Kia with accessories like CD players, mats, fog lights, bike racks, wheels, a nose mask, and bike racks. When purchased new, though, these parts might be relatively expensive. For instance, in warmer climates, the air conditioning often requires repair. For a Kia, the air conditioning evaporator might cost hundreds of dollars if purchased new.

One alternative to new replacement parts is used parts. For example, mechanics often require air conditioning parts. As noted, such parts are relatively expensive. However, one can easily find genuine used and salvage parts through These parts cannot be purchased individually, however. Instead, the online company is a registered broker that facilitates the purchase of entire salvage vehicles.

Some people might have misconceptions regarding salvage vehicles. For example, not all salvage Kias are victims of accidents. Some salvage vehicles are repossessed by banks and loan agencies if the vehicle’s owners have defaulted on loan payments. In fact, one can find salvage Kia vehicles in relatively new condition at In turn, this means that the Kia vehicle’s parts are also in near-mint condition. An individual might purchase a salvage Kia, make any necessary repairs, and ready the car for on-road use. In this way, the driver saves money because salvage vehicles are much more affordable than their new counterparts.

By contrast, mechanics and body shops might invest in salvage vehicles and use the cars for their workable parts. This ensures that the business has a constant supply of needed parts, like Kia air conditioning components, in stock and readily available for customers. In turn, customers attain quality and genuine repair parts for their vehicle at a more affordable rate than investing in new car parts.

Online purchases facilitated by also save a mechanic and dealership time and energy. For example, mechanics conventionally visited salvage yards and junkyards personally, wading through spare parts. This is particularly time consuming, especially if a body shop is not located near the desired salvage yard. By contrast, makes salvage vehicle searching relatively simple. After purchase, the site offers door-to-door shipping, and one can have the vehicle delivered to one’s body shop for a reasonable price. In this way, mechanics save time, money, and effort. negates the need for mechanics to physically visit salvage yards, and purchasing salvage vehicles online is more economical than purchasing new vehicles.

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