Who doesn’t like to own a fancy ride that turns heads wherever it goes? The problem is, their unnerving price tags! Whether you are an off-roading enthusiast addicted to the enthralling torque of AWD monsters or a speed junkie who just can’t get enough of supercars; owning your dream ride would require a significant investment. The dream, however, doesn’t have to be that expensive. To help cross the bridge, we give you four options that let you bring home your favorite car without disrupting your finances.

1. Bank Repossessed Cars
Due to easy availability of car loans, many people end up buying a much costlier car than what they can afford, explaining the ever-persistent number of bank repossessed cars. Sold at both traditional and online auto auctions, bank repossessed cars are usually in perfect condition, unless parked for extended periods. Before placing your bid, be sure to check the condition of the car and the period for which it has been in bank’s possession.

2. Salvage Title Cars
Salvage title cars are your next best bet, if you are looking to buy a premium vehicle at an affordable price. Contrary to common notion, many salvage cars have tens and thousands of miles in them and can be easily restored. The worth of a deal, however, depends on multiple factors, such as the extent and type of damage the car has sustained, the expected repair costs, and its post-restoration market value.

3. Vandalized Cars
Vandalized cars are probably the trickiest of all mazes, as they vary greatly in terms of damages. In acts of vandalism, usually more than a few cars are damaged and all are regarded similarly by insurance companies – even if there is a significant difference in damages. It is, therefore, advisable to hire a professional to assess the condition of the vehicle and estimate the cost of the repairs needed to make the car road-ready.

4. Flood Damaged Cars
Although flood damaged cars have unrealistically low price tags, they may not be the best bet if you wish to restore the vehicle. That’s because flooding permanently damages most electronic components. If, however, you are lucky enough to get your hands on a rare or limited edition vehicle, you may consider adding a memorabilia to your collection.

Wrapping Up
Ask any car enthusiast and they would agree their ride is more than a vehicle to them and how they would probably give a limb to own their dream machine. That is why we, at AutoBidMaster, take great pride in what we do – help manifest dreams. We carry an extensive listing of bank repossessed, salvage, flood damaged, and clean title vehicle, all available through online auction. Find your dream car and feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. You can reach us at +1 (503) 298-4300 , Monday – Friday (6am – 4pm PDT).

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