If you are planning to purchase a horse trailer, you need to pay equal attention to its construction and safety features. If buying a new horse trailer with the latest safety features is falling too heavily on your finances, you can always check out our online trailer auctions where pre-owned and salvaged trailers are up for sale at easily affordable prices. While most of the trailers available might not be in the best of condition, after getting the needed repairs, they are ready to serve you for tens and thousands of miles. Along with installing fencing in the pasture and padded separators, make sure you get rumber flooring done on the trailer. This blog post lists five reasons to have rumber flooring on your horse trailer.

1. Non-Slippery
Rumber flooring is nothing but a recycled rubber composite placed on the surface of the trailer. One of the biggest advantages of having rumber flooring is that it is and non-slippery surface for the horses to stand on. Also, rumber flooring means a more comfortable surface, which means less stress on the joints and muscles of the horses. Rumber flooring also provides better grip than aluminum flooring and traction than wooden flooring, which makes the ride less skiddy for the horses.

2. Reduced Heat Transfer
Despite having good ventilation in the trailer, it can get really hot inside the horse trailer, especially if the floor of the trailer is conducting road heat into the box. Aluminum is a conductor while rumber isn’t. That means that having aluminum floor will not only get hot but also pass on the heat into the trailer, raising the temperature that can reach dangerous levels if you are on a long trip, while rumber flooring will block the outside heat, protecting the horse from uncomfortable hot floors.

3. Environment Friendly
Rumber is made of recycled tire rubber and plastic both of which are harmful to the environment. Instead of occupying space in landfills both these discarded materials are combined and molded to form a useful flooring surface that serves for a long time. It is in sharp contrast to wooden floors for which several trees need to be shelved or aluminum floors for which aluminum has to be mined.

4. Minimal Noise and Vibration
The road noise and vibrations during travel often scare horses, increasing stress levels. Traditional flooring options do little to ease their trouble and stress, however, rumber helps lower the road noise and vibrations. That is due to the presence of large amount of rubber that dampens road noises and vibrations, thereby, ensuring a smoother ride for horses.

5. Long Lasting
Unlike other flooring options, Rumber hardly ever rots, cracks, or splinters, which means it lasts longer than most flooring materials. Also, it doesn’t increase the weight of the trailer by absorbing fluids, which means you can easily clean the floor of the trailer with water. Although it may be expensive to get rumber flooring on the horse trailer, you won’t have to spend regularly on its maintenance, repair, and replacement.

The Bottom Line
Before you hit the road with your new horse trailer, make sure it has a flooring of recycled rubber composite. Rumber flooring is among the few elements that help improve both safety and comfort, while enhancing the aesthetics of the trailer. If you are searching for an affordable horse trailer, AutoBidMaster is the perfect place to shop. We are an online horse trailer auction site offering a wide variety of horse trailers for sale. Register for the auctions, browse our inventory, and bid on the most suitable horse trailers. If you wish to learn more, fill out our contact form or simply call +1 (503) 298-4300

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