Online car auctions sites are a great place to find good condition used cars at affordable rates. But, before you put your money down on a used car it is important that you get an inspection done. While it’s always advisable to take an experienced mechanic with you to inspect the car, here are three potential red flags that you can look for, in a used car, on your own. Come let’s take a look.

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When buying a used vehicle, check the car for any signs of rust. Used cars that have been subject to cold climates, run the risk of rusk more than those that have been used more in areas with moderate climate. To check the car, get the car lifted and check for any signs of rust on the underside. Check the major parts such as wheel wells, suspension, exhaust and frame rails. Once done checking the underside, check the doors, the engine area and the trunk.

Water-Related Damage
Not all car auction dealers are upfront about selling a car that’s flood damaged. As a result many used car buyers end up buying a flood damaged car, without even knowing that they bought one. To make sure that you don’t make the same mistake, look out for water damage signs such as stained or discolored car fabric, dashboard and other interiors. Another way out is to check the carpet. If the carpet is loose or doesn’t match with the upholstery on the roof and the doors, then chances are that the car is flood damaged.

Leakages such as dripping oil, hissing exhaust are easily detectable and you may not need an expert to tell you about the leakage in the car. However, when inspecting the car don’t just pay attention to the external leaks that are visible to the naked eye, but also look for the ones that are difficult to detect. For example, carbon monoxide leaking inside the car is not easily detectable as it is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas.

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