If you are planning to buy a repairable car, let’s say from a wrecked car auction online, you are likely to get it refurbished or modified just the way you want. When getting your car refurbished adding some useful gadgets to it is a good idea to be better prepared for whatever the road throws at you. That said, as the market is awash with car accessories and gadgets, narrowing down your options can be a challenge. To help, we have collated a list of some must-have gadgets for your car. Take a look.

Repairable Car

1. Tire Pressure Gauge
Maintaining the right tire pressure is important to prevent their premature damaging and reduce the risk of unprecedented tire burst. Having a digital tire pressure gauge handy can help you maintain the tire pressure at recommended PSI (pound per square inch) to ensure a safe ride.

2. Blind Spot Mirrors
Blind spot mirrors are the latest addition to the must-have car gadgets list. The blind spot mirrors are curved mirrors attached to the side mirrors of the car, which allow the driver to see objects in the blind spot of the car and stay safe while driving.

3. Bluetooth Car Kit
If you are buying a used repairable car that doesn’t come with a built-in Bluetooth system, you can go for Bluetooth car kit plugs. External Bluetooth plugs allow you to connect your smartphones to the vehicle so that you can easily play music and make hands-free calls.

4. Silicone Anti-slip/ Non-slip Pads
Anti-slip pads is a smart invention for cars and a must-have gadget for car users. It is easy to apply and can hold your cell phones and other small gadgets and other loose things in place, especially when driving around curves.

5. Fix a Flat
Flat tires are inevitable, therefore having something such as ‘Fix a Flat’ is one of the easiest and quickest ways to seal a flat tire on the go. All you need to do is bring the can’s hose to your tire and spray the content.

Wrap Up
Having these car gadgets handy is a smart way to improve your driving experience, especially when travelling the long distance. If you would browse the web a little more, you would find countless other useful car gadgets and accessories. And if you are yet to buy a car, you must participate in wrecked cars auctions at AutoBidMaster and win your ride without breaking the bank. Register today to get a free membership and make the most of our exclusive member benefits. If you have any questions regarding our bidding process, fill out our contact form and we will get back to you. You can also call us at 503-298-4300

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