Whether you looking to buy new or salvage cars for sale in USA, it is important to know the different leaks that your vehicle may suffer in the long-run to make sure you avoid or fix the damage immediately. Brakes, transmission, oil filters, coolant, windshield, or power steering are major car parts that can cause a potential fluid leak. If you need a little guidance when it comes to common fluid leaks, you’ve landed on the right page. Go through this blog and know the signs and various parts of your vehicle that suffer damage during these three most common fluid leaks to avoid problems in the future.

Fluid-Leaks To Examine When Buying Salvage Cars

1. Brake Fluid
When it comes to brake fluid there are a number of parts in your vehicle that can cause it to leak, such as calipers, brake system, leaking lines, or wheel cylinders. Keep in mind these factors and look out for signs that the brake fluid is leaking. Major signs you need to remember that mean that there is a brake fluid leak include a puddle leak that is yellow, clear or light brown in color. Other things to check is whether or not this liquid is thick and has a strong acidic smell. All these signs indicate towards a brake fluid leak.

2. Antifreeze or Coolant
A leak in the coolant or antifreeze may occur in a number of places of your vehicle, such as water pump, coolant reservoir, radiator or heater hoses. Dealing with a coolant leak instantly is crucial to avoid long-term hassles. It is, therefore, it is crucial for you to understand the various indications you need to keep in mind, such as a puddle leak that is neon green, pink, or bright orange. The color of such a leak could also be blue and have a sweet smell. Keep in mind all these points when checking for a coolant leak.

3. Transmission Fluid
Another common leak in any vehicle is a transmission leak. Transmission, fluid lines, transmission pan gasket, or seals are a few places where such a leak can occur. When it comes to examining the leak, you need to check if there a puddle leak in the middle or in front of your vehicle. KEep in mind that such leaks usually make a leak of brownish or dark red liquid. It is also important to note that newer models use fluids that may not cause a red tinge in its leak and usually have a light-brown color.

Wrap Up
There are a number of other fluid leaks you need to know, such as oil filter or power steering leaks to make sure you keep maintain and keep your ride in world-class condition. Keeping the above three leaks in mind, know how to manage these leaks in order to avoid long-term problems regarding your vehicle. AutoBidMaster, a reputable salvage cars auction website, offers a wide range of salvage cars and also provides you information enough for you to make an informed decision. Another added advantage in choosing our salvage cars auction website is that we give you access to an instant VIN check that helps you in making an informed buying decision. So, what are you waiting for? Register today to avail exclusive member benefits. For more information on the bidding process and to get answers to all your questions on salvage car auctions, call us at +1 503 298 4300 or fill our contact form.

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