Skip the auction process and buy today! Members who want a car instantly acquired can use the “Buy It Now” option. This feature allows you to purchase a vehicle of your choice online without bidding on it. You can search among thousands of salvage-title cars for sale listed on our site and available in the Buy It Now category.

Although you can still bid on these auction lots if you wish, Buy It Now is the simplest way for you to acquire a vehicle without taking part in the bidding process. Now, you might be wondering what the benefits of doing this are.

First and foremost, you can buy with confidence and a piece of mind. Once you process the Buy It Now, no other bidders can bid and snag the vehicle from you. You and only you become the proud buy-it-now vehicle owner.

Don’t blow your budget bidding at the live auction. You might get caught up in the excitement of live auction bidding and be tempted to exceed your budget. When you make use of the Buy It Now feature, you have agreed to pay the predetermined price. Use the fee calculator before the purchase to figure out what your final cost will be.

Please note that all the auction fees are still applicable to the buy-it-now vehicles, and the buy-it-now price doesn’t cover the first ones. Also, remember that each lot page includes a shipping calculator for your transportation needs. It’s important that you book shipping right away so you do not incur additional charges from the auction.

In the End

Сhoosing the Buy It Now option makes getting your desired car quick and easy without dealing with auctions. It ensures you get the car without competition and helps you stick to your budget. Just use the fee calculator to know your costs and arrange shipping promptly. With Buy It Now, acquiring your dream car is simple and worry-free.

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