An increasing number of people are turning to salvage cars for more reasons than one. Although there countless salvage cars auction websites, not all share the same credibility. AutoBidMaster is the most reliable and reputable auto auction website in the US, offering an extensive inventory of salvage cars. If you too are looking to buy a used vehicle, it is important to know how to go about the bidding process. Continuing the discussion, in this blog, we cover six steps to cover to get started with AutoBidMaster salvage car auctions.

Getting Started with AutoBidMaster

Register on the Website
The first step to starting the bidding process on any auction cars dealers website is registration. The AutoBidMaster registration process is easy, time-efficient, and convenient, wherein during the process you are offered a Free Basic Membership. It is, however, important to remember that you can only bid on one vehicle at a time with a Basic Membership and you are limited to one purchase. To bid on multiple vehicles and make more than one purchase, you would need to upgrade it to Advanced or Premium Membership.

Provide a Government-Issued Photo ID
A government issued photo ID is required to verify your contact information and identity. Due to State and Federal Regulations, the ID is required to be in both the sellers and buyers file. It is important to providing an ID, such as drivers licence or passport, as it guards the seller and buy against any frauds and/or thefts when choosing to buy vehicles from salvage car dealers.

Decide Your “Buying Power”
“Buyer Power” determines the maximum amount you can bid on a vehicle at any auction. The buyer power is set by making a deposit, minimum amount being $400, and the deposit made makes up for 10% of your buyer power. For instance, if you make a deposit of $600, your buyer power is set at $6,000. In addition, if you wish to refund your deposit, make sure there are no outstanding bids or invoices under your account.

Search the Inventory
After completing the formalities, it is time to find a vehicle that best meets both – your requirement and budget. AutoBidMaster, a reliable salvage cars auction site, offers a wide number of options from which you can choose and makes finding your dream car easy and convenient. Our website gives the option to arrange the inventory list in terms of vehicle type, title type, vehicle condition, odometer reading, starting time of bidding, maximum bid amount, and a number of other parameters. Search our inventory and shortlist a few promising options.

Check Vehicle Condition and History
After shortlisting a few options, it is essential that you check the vehicle condition and history. AutoBidMaster provides all information you require to make an informed buying decision. Actual value of vehicle, estimated repair cost, damage type, title type, odometer reading, vehicle specifications, and description of damage are a few essential information provided on our website for each vehicle. In addition, our website also features an instant VIN check for each vehicle listed in the inventory. Run a vehicle history check for each shortlisted option and choose one that offers value for your money.

Place Your Bid
The final step is to place your bid. Bidding phases are of two types – preliminary bidding and live bidding. Preliminary bidding lasts 1 hour before the live bidding, however, it is open to everyone and the bid made in this phase cannot be retracted. On the other hand, the live bidding phase is exclusively available for our Premium and Advance Members. Live bidding lasts for a few hours and the bidding is done in real-time, the highest bidder gets an email and is required to pay the amount and complete documentation to complete the bidding process.

Looking for Salvage Car Dealers? Look No More!
When choosing to buy used cars from online salvage car dealers, it is important to understand the steps you need to follow to start bidding on a vehicle of your choice. is one of the most reliable salvage cars auction websites, offering a wide variety of options at affordable prices. Remember the steps mentioned in this blog, and if you have any questions related to the bidding process or our services, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form, and we will get back with you, shortly.

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