Many people who participate in online auto auctions still shudder at the thought of salvage cars, assuming that all salvaged cars are totaled, irreparable, and there are little chances of them getting back on the road. The truth, however, is a contrast to the assumption. You can easily buy clean title salvage cars through online auctions, provided you know what to look for in used cars for sale online. Continuing on the subject, we cover all you need to know when buying a clean-title car for sale. Read on.

clean title salvage cars

Clean Title vs. Salvage Title

The cars that have sustained some kind of damage and need minor repairs can usually keep a clean title, as there are no major damages to the body or engine. A car may also be assigned a clean title if the extent of damage is below a certain percentage of its market value.

Cars with salvage titles, on the other hand, are declared a total loss due to crash, theft, vandalism, or natural calamities though the damage to such vehicles may be minimal. After an insurance company determines that repairing the vehicle would cost more than its actual value, the car is given a salvage title and then sold off at a public auction.

Having said that, it is important to keep in mind that a car may hold a clean title in one state, but it can be branded with a salvage title in another.

“Clear” Title

A number of car buyers still confuse “clean” title with “clear” title. Clear title simply means that no third party has financial interest on the vehicle up for sale. The vehicle is clear of any bank loan or lien, and the owner can transfer ownership of the vehicle to another person by re-assigning the title to the latter without any legal obstacle.

Buying Salvage Cars with Clean Titles

If you are on the market looking for a car for sale, participate in the clean-title car auctions held at AutoBidMaster and choose from a huge inventory of clean and repairable salvage cars. We present a detailed history of each vehicle based on its VIN to help you make informed buying decisions. In fact, you can also visit the salvage yard to inspect the vehicles before you put your money down.

Wrap Up

Many people wonder how a car can have both salvage and clean titles at the same time, but we hope the above discussion clears the smokescreen. In many states, it is possible to purchase a salvage car, rebuild it, and get a clean title. It is however essential to check the title regulations in your state before you invest in a salvage car. If you are in search of pre-owned cars or motorcycles for sale, look no further than Take your pick from our listing of salvage and repo vehicles. To learn more about the vehicles listed with us or our policies/bidding process, simply call +1(503)-298-4300, or fill out the contact form and we’ll take it from there.

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