All vehicles require good care and regular maintenance. That being said, close attention should be paid to the main component of the car—its engine. If you ignore the rules of motor operation, its service life may be reduced by three times. You can ensure its long-term and trouble-free functioning by following the manufacturer’s recommendations, as well as its structure and operational features. We at AutoBidMaster also have some simple and essential pieces of advice concerning proper care for a vehicle’s motor. In this article, we will talk about how to extend the service life of a car engine.

What Is Essential to Know About Engine Service Life?

What Is Essential to Know About Engine Service Life

There is a common understanding that engine service life includes its running before carrying out a major repair with the replacement of motor components. The main signs of an engine’s limit or breaking point are that we don’t get the necessary performance when operating the car, and the fuel consumption exceeds all reasonable frames.

There are many red flags that indicate a car engine problem. Along with increased fuel and oil consumption, you can also notice a drop in motor thrust and unusual sounds when it’s running. Eventually, it can come to a complete stop due to an inability to turn the crankshaft. A lot of the engine’s performance quality depends on the components from which the motor is assembled. The parts that were installed on the engine during repairs also play a great role here.

How to Extend the Service Life of a Car Engine

How to Extend the Service Life of a Car Engine

To prolong the service life of a motor, it’s necessary to carefully study the operating instructions for this unit. Memorize the mileage distances after which maintenance should be carried out. Also, keep in mind the time for consumables to be changed, particularly fuel, oil, and air filters. Additionally, don’t forget to adjust the fuel system.

If there is an engine control unit, it’s necessary to monitor its condition and eliminate malfunctions in a timely manner. We have a list of common and simple rules that’ll help extend the life of your engine:

  • fill in the oil specified by the manufacturer for this engine;
  • monitor the condition of the cooling system;
  • don’t forget to check the condition of the gas distribution mechanism and its drives;
  • don’t overuse air, fuel, and oil filters;
  • refuel the car according to the operating instructions.

To avoid serious engine damage, we also recommend visiting a workshop two times a year and conducting a motor checkup.

Choose Proper Engine Oil

Choose Proper Engine Oil

Use oil recommended by the engine manufacturer. Replace it at intervals strictly established by recommendations. For a car that is operated with average use, it’s important to change the motor oil at least once a year. If the vehicle is driven in more complicated conditions, for example, off-road or with high monthly mileage, then you may need to change the oil more often. This will assure the engine works longer and more reliably.

When changing the oil, don’t forget to replace the oil filters. The lubricant choice is also influenced by the external temperature conditions under which the engine is operated. If it works in a hot climate, use an oil with a higher viscosity. Its lubricating properties are better at high temperatures.

In contrast, use oil with a reduced viscosity when the car motor is running in the cold season. This facilitates the start of a cold engine. Furthermore, it ensures motor reliability in the initial period of operation due to the high-quality pumping of oil to all rubbing parts.

Keep an Eye on the Cooling System

Keep an Eye on the Cooling System

The cooling system must be filled with the appropriate coolant. Its level should be sufficient to ensure reliable heat removal from the engine units. Try to eliminate the fluid leakage in a timely manner.

Also, it’s not recommended to save money by pouring water into the cooling system. Unlike water, the antifreeze provided by the manufacturer has lubricating properties. It helps to increase the service life of the pump that supplies the coolant through the engine. If the pump fails, the engine may overheat and even jam.

Pay Attention to Filter Replacement

Pay Attention to Filter Replacement

The condition of filters in engine systems is important. If they get clogged, it can affect the quality of the air-fuel mixture. It’ll lead to increased engine operation. An air filter that wasn’t replaced in a timely manner will cause an over-enrichment of the fuel mixture with air. In such cases, the components of the fuel mixture don’t allow the engine to work well.

When driving in dusty conditions, the air filter should be replaced more often. The fuel economy of your car depends directly on this. If you overuse the filter, it can become completely clogged. In such a situation, gasoline stops getting into the fuel distribution system. It can cause the engine to stall.

Punctual replacement of the oil filter plays an important role in the condition of the engine lubrication system. It cleans the oil that is supplied to the connecting parts from mechanical impurities. If the filter isn’t replaced in a timely manner, it can pass oil to the motor without cleaning it. In this case, defects may appear on the rubbing surfaces, which will lead to a significant decrease in the service life of your engine.

Check the Fuel Quality

Check the Fuel Quality

How a motor works also depends on the fuel quality. Each engine is designed for a certain type of fuel. Changing it to a cheaper one with a lower octane or cetane number can negatively affect the combustion processes that take place in the engine cylinders. It also leads to soot formation, motor overheating, and its components burnout.

Also, keep an eye on the fuel level in the tank. If you find that there isn’t enough gasoline, modern electric fuel pumps can fail due to overheating.

Summing Up

To extend the engine’s service life, follow the list of recommendations from the manufacturer and perform regular maintenance. It requires the timely and complete replacement of consumables for all motor systems and components. Also, pay special attention to identifying engine malfunctions and preventing the breakdown of expensive equipment.

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