On many occasions, motorcyclists need to ride on wet surfaces during or following a rain, which can be a bit tricky. Riding a motorcycle in wet conditions is different from riding on a normal day. Riders, therefore, need to be extra careful to make sure the ride remains smooth and safe. Whether you own a new motorcycle or have bought one from an online motorcycle auction, read on to learn some useful tips to ride your prized possession during rainy seasons.

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Wear Proper Gear
Rainy days demand proper gears for motorcyclists. Besides keeping the rain from soaking the riders, accessories such as waterproof gloves, boots, woolen socks, and rain suits keep them warm. It also makes sense to invest in a helmet with anti-fog visor and a high-visibility, and a reflective vest that help both the motorcyclist and fellow riders on the road when the weather is misty or foggy.

Loosen Yourself Up
Remain calm and relaxed whenever you ride in the rain. Let go of any rigidity in your body during your ride. Grip the handle gently; don’t make it too tight. Keep the muscles in your neck, shoulders, arms, and hips loose. Keeping your body flexible lower your chances of sustaining a heavy impact in case the motorcycle becomes unsteady and skids off the track.

Take Dry Lines
Whenever possible, ride on the dry tire tracks left behind by the vehicles in front of you. They push away the rainwater from the path momentarily, and riding on them increases the maneuverability of a motorcycle. You’ll find such dry lines especially after the rain stops. Utilize dry pavements like that to your advantage.

Brake Progressively
A slow and progressive push is all you need to apply the brakes on your motorcycle while riding in the rain. Avoid jamming the brakes as it will upset the limited traction the vehicle has at that time. Maintain a safe distance from the vehicles in front of you, as braking takes a longer period in wet road conditions.

Turn Corners Smoothly
Make slow and smooth turns with small lean angles. Control the throttle and decelerate the vehicle before negotiating curves. Finish the deceleration before you decide to turn a corner as it reduces the traction demand on the tires. Any sudden and high-speed turn can break the tire traction and throw the motorcycle off balance.

Final Thoughts
Safety should be a priority whenever you’re riding your motorcycle in less-than-ideal conditions. At first, you may find it difficult to ride in the rain but with practice, you’ll master the tricks soon. If you’re searching online for a salvage motorcycle for sale, look no further than AutoBidMaster.com. Participate in our auctions and choose from a huge inventory of repo, salvage, and crashed motorcycles for sale. If you have any questions or concerns, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form.

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