Overheating is a common problem faced by car owners, especially those who own older cars with iron or steel engines, many of which are featured in online car auctions dedicated to salvage cars. While the current scenario has changed drastically with the use of alloy engines, you can never be completely sure when it comes to machines, with cars being no exception. On that note, we present to you the common causes of overheating, along with what you can do to prevent the problem. Read on.

Radiator Fan

An unexpected failure in electric fans can cause your car to overheat. The fan provides cool air to the radiator and keeps your car at an optimum temperature, preventing it from exceeding the heat in your car. A small stone, causing a blockage could be the reason for electric fan failure. You may need to contact a local mechanic for assistance to resolve the issue.

Water Pump

The water pump of your car gets damaged if there is a breakage or a seal leakage occurs inside the pump which ultimately leads to overheating. The only solution is to replace the water pump once it is damaged as it cannot be fixed or repaired.

Coolant Level

One of the main reasons for overheating in cars is low coolant level. This may be either due to leakage in the radiator, water pump, cylinder heads or the freeze plugs. Another reason for low coolant level could be irregularities in servicing of your car. Keep the radiator full with coolant and keep a regular check on the levels. In case of emergency, you can fill the reservoir with tap water which might prevent your car from overheating. But, replacing it with proper coolant is advisable as tap water is only a temporary solution.


Any adulterants around the radiator can cause a steep decline in cooling of your car either new or old. Hence a simple cleaning of the radiator both from inside and outside is necessary to keep the system going for long. The inside cleaning can be done with every coolant change by flushing the old one and by draining it with water, preferably distilled water which could help in preventing rust deposits.

Radiator Caps

The radiator caps are specially designed to keep the radiator cool, maintain an optimum pressure, and prevent the coolant from boiling. But when the cooling system fails and excess pressure is formed inside the system, it makes the coolant to boil. Boiling of the coolant increases air and bubbles which aren’t good at conducting heat. The generated heat cannot be transferred out from the engine, causing overheating in cars.

Wrap Up

Now that you know the common causes and preventive tips why your car may be overheating, the next step is to deal with the situation. If, however, you are looking to understand the common causes and preventive tips car get overheated as you are planning to buy a vehicle, look no further than AutoBidMaster.com, an online car auctions platform featuring an exhaustive array of salvage and repairable cars. If you have any questions, contact us at 1 (503) 298-4300, fill out our contact form. To get started with our online car auctions, register now!

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