Buying a salvage truck can be a great money-saver, provided you are able to get your hands on a truck that is easy to restore and hasn’t suffered from too much damage. While a trusted online truck auction website such as can let you choose from a wide array of auction trucks for sale, you must proceed with caution when making a purchase. To help you land a great deal, we present some things to consider when buying a salvaged truck from online truck auctions. Read on.

Look for Common Engine Problems

Most truck engine troubles are repairable and can be kept at bay with regular maintenance. Common issues include oil oxidation, dark black exhaust, and humidity. When a truck sits idle for an extended period, atmospheric factors such as temperature, air pressure, and humidity can cause oil oxidation. In such cases, a simple oil change can help you restore things back to normal. Check the air-to-fuel ratio regularly to avoid dark black exhaust.

Pay Attention to Body Rust

Rust is a warning sign that can’t be ignored. Most people inspect the exterior of a truck for rust and often pay less attention to or completely ignore the interior. Check the door frames and all the parts of the cabin before making a purchase. Structural rust in the exterior surface generally indicates poor maintenance and less life. Also, if you find raised spots on the paint of an exterior surface, it may indicate rusting underneath.

Choose a Suitable Axle Layout

When screening auction trucks for sale, select a suitable axle layout depending upon the load to be carried. For every type and category of load, a specific axle layout is better suited than others. There’s no ‘one size fits all’ answer to tell you which layout is the most superior. However, a qualified truck technician can help you choose the best possible layout depending on your load and hauling frequency.

Explore Financing Options

Buying a salvaged truck involves several additional costs such as repairs, insurance, and if needed, registration. It is necessary to be clear about your budget and financing options before making a purchase. Once you are clear about numbers, it will be easier to pick a model as you will understand the necessary budget allocation for repairs and restoration. Once you zero in on the financing options, you can pick a salvaged vehicle that can be both purchased and restored within your budget.

Find Insurance

Finding a comprehensive insurance policy for your salvage truck post-restoration is another prerequisite that must be taken care of as soon as possible. Look for a suitable insurance policy and contact some reputable insurance companies to discuss your vehicle specifications and budget before finalizing an insurance policy. If you go for a truck with a salvage title, it might take you longer to find a suitable insurance option.

Final Word

Purchasing a salvage truck is a huge undertaking. Factors such as quality, operating status, maintenance history and more must be taken into account before purchasing a truck. To make the process of buying and restoring a salvage truck hassle-free, rely on a reputable auction such as With us, you can find a variety of auction truck for sale. Choose the model that’s right for you. If you have any questions, call 1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form. To get started with our online truck auctions, register now!

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