Classic cars are the prized possessions of their owners. While buying a classic car in pristine condition without breaking the bank can be near impossible, you can always look for classic cars for sale listed on online auction websites such as Buying a classic vehicle from online salvage auctions lets you own your dream car at an affordable price. The challenge that remains is getting it restored. Continuing on the subject, we present some expert advice for classic car restoration.

Things to Inspect when Buying a Car

For a smooth car restoration project, it is essential to possess as much information as possible about a car before you zero in and purchase it. Start by carrying out a thorough inspection of the vehicle. Pay special attention to the frame of a car; if the frame is corroded or heavily damaged, it can be expensive and painstaking to restore the car. Try to avoid cars that have suffered from frame damage.

Prerequisites for a Car Restoration Project

A copy of the original car manual will be immensely helpful in your restoration project, giving you many insights on rebuilding the car. So, before you start your project, get the original manual of the car.

It is important to buy all the necessary tools needed for your project. Do not use make-due tools, as doing so might risk your damage to your car parts and you may also end up injuring yourself. High quality tools are key.

If you buy a rare car that needs specific parts or tools that are no longer available in the market, simply reach out to car clubs, car shows or other classic car owners. You can also find some classic car mechanics who will either lend you tools or sell you necessary parts.

Finding a Supplier for Car Parts

The best way to find a supplier for your classic car is to rely on the Internet. Sites such as Quora, Reddit and so on can help you find a reliable auto parts store near you. Watch out for postings about the quality of parts available at a certain supplier before buying. In addition, there are several classic car club newsletters that have ads for reputable restoration shops. You can also reach out to your local mechanic and have a chat about your car restoration project. Often times, they might point you in the right direction for the parts you need.

Things to Consider when Working on a Classic Car

Brakes: You must ensure that your car has a properly functioning brake system and make it a priority to restore it before taking the car out for a spin.

Gas Filter: Always buy a new gas filter when restoring a car and discard the old filter regardless of its condition.

Cleaning Parts: Before assembling the car, make sure that every part is cleaned with mineral spirits and brass wire brushes. Avoid cleaning parts with gasoline. In the end, you can use a starting fluid such as ether for a paint-ready clean surface.

Labeling: Labeling your car parts is much recommended and slightly less popular advice. Label every single part on your car as soon as you’re done cleaning them. We suggest getting note cards that come with wires attached to them. Use a pencil to write the notes and spray Cosmoline on the notes before sticking them to the parts. While a pencil is oil-proof, Cosmoline makes it waterproof, so your labeling will last without fading away.

Wrap Up

Car restoration is a labor of love that demands patience and skill for a successful project. Go forward with a car restoration project only if you can commit yourself to the whole process. If you’re an avid motorhead who enjoys collecting classics, your best bet buying them is when there are repairable salvage cars for sale. is an online car auction platform where you can find many classic junk cars for sale. Buy your desired model of a classic car and dive into a car restoration project. If you have any questions, call us at +1 (503) 298-4300, or fill out our contact form. To get started with our online car auctions, register now.

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