When looking to buy a motorcycle, it is important to know the type of title that it bears. Typically, orange, green, and blue titles signify a rebuilt, clean, and salvage title, respectively. It’s important to note that this varies by state. While you can always count on a trusted website like AutoBidMaster to buy a range of salvage motorcycles at heavily discounted prices, you should be aware of the basics. Read on as we present all you need to know about salvage motorcycles before you buy one. 

What is a salvage motorcycle?

A motorcycle can acquire a salvage title due to many reasons, such as having been involved in an accident with the cost of repairs being deemed too high by insurers, or having been recovered after being stolen. Salvage title motorcycles acquire a rebuilt or modified title after passing the requirements for getting back on the road or going up for sale at dealerships. Most salvaged or rebuilt motorcycles are restored to manufacturer’s standards. This sometimes calls for the replacement of some parts and the rebuilding of others to make sure that the motorcycle not only meets mechanical requirements but also remains safe to use. 

How can you salvage a crashed motorcycle?

When the objective is to use a salvage motorcycle as a track bike, you can get away with repairing a few things until you get it functioning mechanically. This is because you won’t need to register it or seek a title change. If, on the other hand, you want to ride a crashed bike that has a salvage title, it is important to restore it in line with your state laws. This may call for safety inspections covering things such as the quality of replacement parts and routine examinations. All the relevant paperwork must also be in order before you can start registering a salvage motorcycle. 

Can you insure a salvage motorcycle?

Salvage motorcycles featured in bikes auto auctions are priced much lower than those with a clean title. Even in instances where the owner manages to file a collision or extensive comprehensive claim, the payout from insurance companies is usually low. Not every insurance company will cover rebuilt or salvaged motorcycles. Whatever the case, the costs you incur to protect your salvage motorcycle shouldn’t exceed the savings you made at the point of purchase. Online research helps a great deal when you want to find insurance companies that are ready to provide coverage for salvaged motorcycles.

Last Word

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