Pickup trucks have come a long way from being mere workhorses to becoming aspirational options for buyers looking for a distinctive luxury vehicle. The latest heavy duty trucks are not only equipped to endure every obstacle thrown their way, but are also engineered to provide the best in terms of comfort, safety, and features. If you are looking to buy a pickup truck that offers all of these and doesn’t make you break the bank, AutoBidMaster has got you covered. Our online auctions feature an ever-growing inventory of salvage heavy duty trucks for sale, all going at unbelievably low prices. To help you take your pick, we present a list of four latest pickup trucks to look for at our online auctions featuring salvage trucks for sale. 

Ram 3500

If you are on the market for a truck with a monstrous hauling capability, the Ram 3500 could be just what the doctor prescribed. Boasting the best-in-segment towing capacity of 37,100-lb, the full-size heavy-duty pickup truck vehicle can easily accommodate 6 people and comes in 6 trims, including a “Mega Cab” four-door variant featuring a highly spacious cabin. The bestselling trim of the Ram 3500 is the Tradesman Crew Cab 4WD, powered by a 6.4L V8 engine.

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Ford F-350

Unarguably one of the most powerful heavy-duty pickup trucks available on the market, the Ford F-350 has maximum towing capacity of an astonishing 37,000 pounds. The F-350 is a highly dependable workhorse, engineered to endure even in the most challenging conditions, and leaves you pleasantly surprised when you decide to return to civilization. While the base trim comes with a 6.2L V-8 engine, the diesel option is the most powerful in the segment.

Nissan Titan XD

The Nissan Titan XD may not be as massive as other trucks in its segment, but that doesn’t mean it fails to impress, when put to task. Available in just one four-door crew cab configuration, the Titan XD is powered by a 5.8L V8 engine, delivering its might through a four-wheel-drive delivery system. The truck is particularly known for its smooth ride, exceptionally comfortable seats, especially for a heavy duty pickup truck.

Wrap Up

Attribute it to their exceptional towing and hauling capabilities or unapologetically bold styling, the fact remains the same that the demand of heavy pickup trucks is increasing by the day. If you too want to own a heavy duty pickup truck but budget is a constraint, you couldn’t have come to a better place. AutoBidMaster is a trusted salvage auto auction platform, featuring a large inventory of clean and salvage heavy duty trucks for sale. If you have any questions about any of the auction trucks for sale featured in our inventory, feel free to reach us at: +1 (503) 298-4300, Monday through Friday, 04:00 AM to 04:00 PM Pacific Time.

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