The BMW M series, short for ‘BMW M GmbH’, literally has the word “motorsport” as its middle name! Even since the introduction of the iconic BMW M1, the M badge has graced a generation of high performance cars known for their superlative handling and acceleration. The only challenge for wishful buyers is their heavy price tags. That also explains the ever-increasing number of people turning to online auto auctions featuring used BMW cars for sale, hunting for their favorite BMW M models. To help narrow down your choices, we present a list of the top BMW M cars of all time. Read on. 


No list of the top BMW M cars can be complete without the mentioning of the one that changed the game, for good. Introduced in 1978, the BMW M1 was rightly dubbed a “racing supercar for the road”, and took no time to carve its place in the hearts and souls of auto enthusiasts. Featuring stunning Giugiaro designed bodywork, the M1 was powered by a 3.5L straight six-cylinder engine that made one think twice before putting the pedal to the metal.

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BMW M3 E30

An iconic nameplate during the  F 80s, the BMW M3 E30 captured all that the generation from the era wanted, and offered even more. Besides being a potential status symbol for urban buyers, the BMW M3 E30 packaged all that was needed to make the heart of even the most discerning auto critic miss a beat. Completely reengineered by BMW’s M Division, the M3 E30 is regarded as one of the best handling cars of all time, and is still in demand to this day.

BMW M5 F10

Tasked with a steep challenge to improve efficiency without deserting the core patrons, the M Division responded with what came to be known as the M5 F10. Though the engine of the M5 F10 was reduced in size (from V10 to V8) compared to the predecessor, the efficient power delivery of the twin turbochargers, exceptional speed of the DCT gearbox, and the addition of torque-vectoring, came together to offer massively improved performance and driveability.

Wrap Up 

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