Howdy, we hope that nothing will prevent you from getting your hands on a dream car. Yeah, you will find many of them at our online auctions. However, you don’t have to forget about important types of vehicle titles that you’ll see on AutoBidMaster’s lot pages. A heads-up for international buyers: some potentially unfamiliar documents can fall under restrictions for export. Here, we’re giving you a complete guide on different types of vehicle titles that permit exporting a car from the USA and several that don’t.

Exportable Types of Vehicle Titles

types of vehicle titles

First off, we classify all titles on AutoBidMaster into three groups: exportable, those that may require additional documents for export, and non-exportable. Let’s have a look at them in detail.

car title types
AutoBidMaster allows you to buy vehicles without a dealer’s license.

Most car titles are exportable unless otherwise stated on the lot page. Document types valid for export are as follows:

title types for cars
This Mercedes has a ‘Clean ACQ’ label in the title field. However, it sustained frame damage, so the vehicle’s safety can be compromised.

Clean and Clear Titles

types of vehicle titles

Cars that have never been in accidents, or damaged ones that haven’t been declared a total loss, receive clean and clear titles (including their variations). You can export a vehicle with this title without any hassle. Don’t worry if you see a car with a ‘Clean ACQ’ label in the title field. ACQ doesn’t refer to a title, as it references a vehicle’s documents. These are OK for export.

A Rebuildable Title

Vehicles branded with rebuildable titles (these are issued in FL and LA) can undergo repair, and then you can see them on the roads again. These vehicles can be re-registered in the US if you’ve done all the required repairs to make a car roadworthy. Nothing prevents you from exporting them overseas.

Rebuilt, Restored, Reconstructed, and Non-Repairable Titles

types of auto titles

The same applies to the rebuilt cars (as well as other iterations of this title). DMVs have already declared such vehicles safe for operation on public roads, which means you can buy and export them to any country stress-free.

car title paper type
This Chevrolet was listed with a non-repairable title. However, it also had a missing or altered VIN. Driving a vehicle with an altered VIN can be illegal, so we advise you to run a VIN check to avoid any possible risks when buying a car.

Contrary to the models labeled with rebuilt titles, you can’t register non-repairable cars in the USA after receiving such a title. Still, you can export them to other countries.

A Salvage Title

different types of vehicle titles

We guess you are already familiar with the salvage title. Read our earlier article and never be afraid of it. The most significant advantage of salvage-title vehicles is their low price. Usually, a car gets a salvage brand if the repair cost exceeds its actual value. But that’s not always the case, as theft-recovered cars are also classified as salvage.

Types of Vehicle Titles That May Require Additional Documents For Export

This group is also numerous. The following vehicle titles may require additional documents for export:

Correction Letter

car title types

More often than not, vehicles with correction letters require additional documents to facilitate export. Such a document type may refer to several issues that a car might have seen in the past, namely an incomplete sale, lien error, or a certified odometer replacement. If you see a vehicle like this in the picture, it will be an excellent idea to reach our support team and ask our representatives whether you can export it.

No Title Letter

types of vehicle titles

Cars with a ‘No Title Letter’ label don’t have a certificate of title at all. They will have to obtain a salvage title issued to your name before export. We can help you solve this issue for an additional fee.

Parts Only Title

types of vehicle titles

Despite being less common than salvage brands, you can still come across cars with ‘Parts-Only’ designations. The title implies that no one can do further repairs, and the auto will become an affordable donor of working parts. Don’t expect to register this vehicle in the USA. Exporting such models is partially possible if you opt for issuing different documents like the salvage title.

Certificate of Destruction

Don’t be puzzled when seeing this title. It’s an iteration of Florida ones, but you may eventually see it in Louisiana. You don’t have to worry as this certificate doesn’t signify a vehicle death. While discussing types of vehicle titles issued in Florida, we’ve talked about it, so don’t miss out on an opportunity to check it.

Bill of Sale

can you export a car without a title
You can see such a red warning field if a car requires additional documents for export.

The majority of vehicles with it don’t have titles, similarly to the ‘No Title Letter.’ It’s a document that denotes the terms of sale between the parties involved. You won’t be able to register an automobile labeled with BoS in the USA. Export is practically impossible, except for the vehicles that received WA-BoS. Washington does not issue salvage titles, so their Bill of Sale is a kind of an equivalent for a salvage brand.

Lien Papers

title types for cars

The title’s name suggests what to be ready for when you see it. The lienholder’s approval is required for export. If the lien or interest rate hasn’t been satisfied, a party owning the vehicle may reject export until complete payment. However, if a buyer agrees to pay a lien in full, they will have to obtain an original lien release with a stamp on it. This can take additional time and will cost you extra.

Junking Certificate

different types of titles for cars

In contrast to the certificate of destruction, this one implies the vehicle’s death. The junking certificate is issued only in cases when the automobile has sustained such severe damage that it makes it impossible to conduct any further repairs. Nevertheless, AutoBidMaster specialists are capable of assisting if you want to obtain a car with this title. We can help you change this document to a common salvage title, and nothing will prevent you from exporting it.

MI Scrap

can you export a car without a title

Nobody will allow you to drive such cars on public roads, but they can be further dismantled for parts. The Michigan Scrap title is a rare sight on auto auctions, so the surefire way to eliminate confusion about the possibility of exporting is to contact us.


copart doc type meaning

Another common title on car auctions is the MV-907A. It’s an analog of a salvage certificate, issued mainly in New York. Many buyers are confused when they see it, but you don’t have to worry. However, exporting vehicles with this certificate may require extra effort, so it’s better to keep in touch with us and clarify every possible concern.

Types of Vehicle Titles That You Can’t Export

types of vehicle titles

There is the last group that consists of only one document type: a Junk Title.

You can’t export it. We mean at all. On top of that, you can’t re-register any car with such a title in the USA.

Final Word

Different types of vehicle titles don’t have to scare you, as they are easier to understand than you might have thought. At AutoBidMaster, we’re ready to navigate the waters for you. Our sales team can help you choose an affordable car to make your dreams come true. If you’re looking for something more exclusive, we also have a wide selection of sports cars and supercars. You’ll find more than 300,000 vehicles listed up for auctions here, so you’re welcome to explore what we’ve got. Create an account, upload a copy of your government-issued ID or passport, read what you need to know about the refundable security deposit, choose the membership that suits you best, and you’re ready to start bidding! If you have any questions, you can contact us online or call us at +1 (503) 298-4300 (4:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST, weekdays).

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