Whether we talk about motorcycles, cars, trucks, or any other type of vehicle, if it has an internal combustion engine, it is bound to have the mention of a certain “CC” in its spec sheet. While the term is frequently used in auto circles, a lot of people still have their doubts about what it really means. In this article, we answer these questions, starting with the basics. Read on. 

What is “CC”?

CC is an abbreviation for cubic centimeter, which is used to measure the collective displacement of the cylinders of an engine. In a single cylinder engine, the capacity of the cylinder will be its “CC.” The displacement is basically the volume of the space the piston(s) sweeps in one stroke. Having said that, it is important not to blindly correlate the CC of an engine with its power, as their relationship is more complicated than that, which brings us to the next section of the article. 

The Significance of CC

The power output of an engine, and more importantly, the overall performance of a car, depends upon a number of factors, such as power to weight ratio, transmission system, tire size and type and many others. Having said that, the cubic capacity, or CC, of an engine gives you a fair idea about the kind of torque you can expect, but that too also depends upon other factors such as the type of fuel being used. 

How Much CC Do You Need?

Short answer; it depends on what you seek to get out of the vehicle. If, for instance, you are looking for a beginner dirt bike, anything at or above the 125 CC mark will be a good point to start. On the other hand, if you are looking for a powerful yet comfortable cruiser to travel across the country carrying your world with you, some the best options can be up to 2000 CC, and in high-end models, even more. 

Wrap Up

Although the relevance of CC has long been a subject of debate among auto enthusiasts, it surely gives buyers a rough idea about the kind of performance you can expect from a vehicle. If you are yet to bring home your favorite vehicle due to financial constraints, AutoBidMaster is here to help. Our online auctions run throughout the year and are open to all registered members. Whether you are looking for salvage cars or motorcycles, or used atv for sale, the search ends here. If you have any questions about our salvage motorcycle and car auctions, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300, Monday through Friday, 04:00 AM to 04:00 PM (Pacific Time), or email at hello@autobidmaster.com

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