College years can be full of ups and downs even for the most devout of students. As a result, one thing that a college student can simply not do without is their own mode of transportation. Be it for zipping around the block to the coffee shop and back, or coming back home from all those “group study” sessions, students need to have a certain degree of freedom to go about their daily tasks. In such a busy setting, a car becomes more of a necessity rather than a convenience. The question is, how to strike the perfect balance between what your kid “wants” and what they actually “need”? Let’s look at the key factors to consider to get there. 


When it comes to buying a car for your college kid, while you are allowed to cut corners on the styling and power, safety is certainly one aspect that just cannot take a backseat. It is, in fact, imperative to ensure that the car you choose has got all the vital boxes checked as far as safety features are concerned. The list should at least include all basic features, such as airbags, anti lock braking system (ABS), collision warning, rearview camera and other similar essentials. 

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While almost every college kid wants to make an appearance in a jazy coupe or something similar, you need to keep in mind that college years can bring a lot of new friends as well as the frequent need to carry stuff for projects. That implies that the car you buy should have ample space for both people and cargo. A safe choice, in this regard, could be any 5-seater car with a decent trunk/storage space. 


This is where we enter muddy waters. While kids would most likely want something that makes Carroll Shelby run for cover, that is probably the last thing you’d want to do. Most kids starting college are still in a learning phase of driving, and may not be ideally equipped to handle too powerful a machine. It is, therefore, advisable to choose a moderately powered car that is easy to drive, maneuver, and control.

Final Words

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