So, you won an auction on AutoBidMaster and are now the owner of a salvage car. What’s next? Vehicle shipping can become a real challenge both for expert and inexperienced car owners. You need to research so many new things, such as how to order vehicle delivery, how fees are calculated, what the estimated delivery time is, and much more. 

As a salvage car owner, you will definitely need some help, and here we are — sharing tips for vehicle shipping across the USA via the ABM auto auction marketplace. 

Salvage for the mainland

All vehicles won through ABM auction can be delivered anywhere across the USA with the help of’s shipping service. This is a simple solution we utilize to make USA ground shipping easy and fast. 

The delivery time for ground shipping depends on various factors, like weather and road conditions, traffic, destination, etc. Same state deliveries can be as quick as 1-2 days, coast to coast deliveries can take up to 10 days. If no unforeseen events take place, the delivery will take an average of about 6-10 days, and in less than two weeks you will be driving your salvage car. 

ABM members from the lower 48 states can book shipping online, and you can ship your vehicle to any address that will accept a vehicle on your behalf. 

Don’t forget about the pick-up time, which takes about 1-5 days. This is important because you’ll have to pay storage fees if you don’t order shipping ASAP after the purchase is finalized. The vehicle and shipping order should be paid in full, and only after that, EasyHaul will locate a driver for you. 

As soon as the delivery starts, you can track the shipping status of your order online. EasyHaul also provides real-time shipping updates via text message. Options like these make the delivery process clear and give you an opportunity to plan for the vehicle’s delivery.

Alaska / Hawaii shipping

You’ll be happy to know that EasyHaul ships vehicles to/from Alaska and Hawaii as well. There are, however, special conditions in terms of a shipping schedule and fees. 


The main port between Hawaii and the mainland is Honolulu Hawaii, and the connecting mainland ports for Hawaii are San Diego and Tacoma. The port-to-port shipping time for this destination will take about 5 business days, and loading at both ports will take approximately 6 business days.  

When shipping to Hawaii, the fees will include ocean freight from San Diego to Honolulu and delivery fees from Honolulu to the destination. If you order shipping from Hawaii, the fees will involve ocean freight from Honolulu to San Diego and delivery fees from San Diego to the destination.

Keep in mind that the precise shipping quote is a subject to be discussed individually, and a custom quote can be requested via email. 


The main port and stop between Alaska and the mainland is Anchorage, the connecting ports are San Diego and Tacoma. We have good news for those who ship vehicles to this destination — you can get your car in less than three weeks. The approximate port-to-port sailing time is 3 to 5 days, and loading at either port is approximately 4 business days. 

The shipping fees to/from Alaska will include ocean freight from San Diego or Tacoma to Anchorage and the other way round, and a delivery fee from the port to the destination.

Since deliveries to Alaska and Hawaii require much more time than shipping across the mainland, you should order vehicle shipping and calculate the estimated delivery time carefully to get your vehicle on schedule.

To the US and far away 

We know, the world needs cars and we take responsibility to supply each country with good salvage vehicles. Besides shipping cars to and across the US, we are at your service in any major ocean and sea port around the globe. You just have to spend a minute to order shipping to your country, and ABM will take care of the rest, even if you have special shipping requests. 

So, go ahead, order shipping for your vehicle, and rush your salvage car along a highway to you!

AutoBidMaster Staff Writer

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