Every company’s story must start somewhere. We know that better than most people! After all, we at AutoBidMaster, as well as Copart auto auctions, have helped dozens of car import businesses get off the ground. JK Auto Import is one of such cases — they have been our clients for over three years, and we’d like to share their success story with you in this article.

The Origin Story

My wife and I visited a dealer that sold auction vehicles. The first car we bought was a Hyundai Accent, which we later sold. Seeing how much profit it generated, we decided to start our own car trading business dealing in salvage imports: JK Auto Import.” — Marvin Javier Ortíz

Marvin Javier Ortíz, the founder of JK Auto Import, began his auto brokership career with his wife in 2013 by selling a Hyundai Accent. They first obtained the car from a salvage auction — and after seeing how much profit could be gained by selling it, they decided to go all in. To this day, they imported hundreds of cars into their native home of El Salvador.

JK Auto Import is one of the many businesses in El Salvador utilizing Copart Lounge operated by AutoBidMaster to import American salvage vehicles.  But how does it work, exactly?

Previously, importing cars purchased online was considered a risky process — rarely, if ever, worth the effort. What’s more, certain vehicles require the buyer to possess import licenses. Obtaining those can be a lengthy, sometimes prohibitively expensive process. Small wonder, then, that many people decide that importing even a single car is too much of a hassle, let alone dealing with a bulk order.

Here at AutoBidMaster, we go above and beyond to change that perception. We have made it so that anyone can participate in online salvage car auctions — easily and safely. Marvin’s story is a testament to our success. Our accessibility and customer-first approach helped him start a successful business importing American salvage vehicles to El Salvador.

Copart Lounge — Ready to Assist

Visiting Copart Lounges is always a nice experience — they always give me very special treatment.” — Marvin Javier Ortíz

AutoBidMaster is an official authorized representative of Copart — a global provider of online car auctions. They specialize in the resale and remarketing of used and salvage title vehicles to a variety of clients: from insurance and rental car companies to local municipalities, financial institutions and even charities.

AutoBidMaster has had a relationship with Copart from the start. We simplify the process for users to make purchases from Copart auctions. Additionally, we operate a number of Copart Lounges: physical locations where our customers can obtain expert assistance in finding the best automobile deals, free of charge. The Copart Lounge network is constantly expanding to new countries all over the globe. Currently, AutoBidMaster operates Copart Lounges in El Salvador, Georgia, Poland, and Nigeria.

Speaking of our El Salvador Copart Lounge, Marvin happens to be our frequent guest.  The invaluable assistance he received from both AutoBidMaster and Copart helped him get his business off the ground, and the friendly atmosphere made him into a regular. We always enjoy his visits, and we know the feeling is mutual.

For both Copart and AutoBidMaster, the customer is always the first priority! After all, years of experience taught us that a satisfied client is the best form of advertising — thus, we strive to provide the best customer experience possible, at every stage of your journey.

Saving Time on Paperwork

AutoBidMaster has been my best partner, they save me so much time by handling the paperwork and logistics. Their contacts with transportation providers ensure a successful delivery every single time” — Marvin Javier Ortíz

Marvin is correct — AutoBidMaster handles all of the paperwork for its clients. From preparing detailed vehicle history reports to managing every step of your vehicle’s journey from the contiguous United States to anywhere in the world. We maintain a presence in seven departure ports in the US, as well as one in Canada. Our network of offices across the globe stands ready to provide you with logistics assistance. Because of this, we’re able to provide you with the final price before you even make the purchase decision — including shipping costs, customs clearance, agent fees and more.

Our close relationship with Copart simplifies things quite a bit, too. In particular, most of the formalities that the customer would normally have to deal are offloaded onto us. Thus, we take care of most of the legal headaches and paperwork for you, letting you focus on what’s really important — your new vehicle.

This aspect is what makes family-owned businesses like JK Auto Import able to perform wholesale imports. Forget about hiring expensive vehicle import law specialists to handle every single one of your purchases — AutoBidMaster offers everyone a chance to import an American salvage car, whether they’re a brokerage business or simply an automotive enthusiast looking for their dream car.

We mentioned licensing requirements earlier, and it’s a point worth reiterating. Many states require buyers to possess various licenses in order to purchase even a salvage car. Obtaining such a license is a long, often expensive process. While they may be worth the effort for a wholesaling business, the sheer effort may be too much for an individual client. The license requirements also vary by state, which is a problem when you’re entertaining offers from different states. By the time you make your decision and complete the paperwork, your dream car could already get snatched up by someone else.

Never again! When you buy a car through AutoBidMaster, all of the licensing requirements fall on us. We take care of all the paperwork, while you simply pick the best deal available — no matter which state your dream car is in!

Customer Service With a Personal Touch

One of the main benefits that AutoBidMaster has given me is technical support in Spanish. This is crucial for me — I started the business without much knowledge of the English language. The customer service is excellent and that is what has made me stay completely with AutoBidMaster.” – Marvin Javier Ortíz

We pride ourselves on our customer support — after all, we’re in a complicated business. Importing a car from abroad is a daunting prospect, especially for first-time buyers. Thus, we strive to provide the best possible assistance to both individual and business clients. Not only do we offer a comprehensive set of guides explaining how to import a used car from the United States, as well as a Help Center explaining every part of the purchase process. We also have full-time support staff offering help to customers in Spanish, Polish, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and more.

In addition to the Copart Lounge service we operate, we also offer our customers a slew of useful services. From financing plans, through insurance, all the way to cargo consolidation — AutoBidMaster stands ready to support its customers on every stage of their purchase decision.

Additionally, our business customers enjoy special benefits, such as unlimited VIN checks, exclusive payment terms for large offers, and even special prices for spare parts. We even provide a concierge service for those clients who demand our full attention throughout the entirety of the purchase and delivery processes. Need a large order fulfilled? No problem — we can handle wholesale deals as easily as we do retail.

We strongly believe in maintaining good relationships with all of our customers — and good customer service is key to that. This is why we invest heavily in supporting clients from all over the globe.

Finding the Best Deals

“Being able to buy cars in Alabama is a definite benefit of using AutoBidMaster. I always found the best deals in that state in particular.” – Marvin Javier Ortíz

Being a Copart registered broker, AutoBidMaster enjoys access to live vehicle auctions in the entirety of the contiguous United States. This means that at any given moment, nearly 200,000 vehicles are available to our customers. Your new car — or even a fleet of vehicles — is at your fingertips, no matter where they’re located.

What’s more, we offer live bidding to our customers. That’s right — you can place your own bids and forget about involving intermediaries and middlemen. This way, you’ll always be sure you’re getting the best deal possible. Overpayments are now a thing of the past, as is expensive shipping.

And, finally, we offer the lowest transaction fees on the market. Included in our service cost are consultations with our dedicated auction experts, who stand ready to assist you in making the right choice of vehicle. Services like our VIN history checker will confirm your new vehicle’s ownership history and that it’s free of undisclosed damages.


A big challenge in our line of business is the long-standing perception that importing salvage vehicles and used cars from abroad is a daunting, expensive process. This couldn’t be further from the truth! AutoBidMaster goes to great lengths to make bidding for and buying salvage cars online a process that’s accessible to anyone — from large businesses to individual customers alike.

Stories like Marvin’s prove to us that importing a car can be an adventure into itself. It can also be the start of a great business opportunity. Every great enterprise starts with a single transaction, after all. By providing robust, diverse services across different markets, as well as world-class customer support, AutoBidMaster is ready to help ensure your journey is a long and successful one.

We are on a mission to help our customers give a second life to used cars by simplifying auto auctions for all. – AutoBidMaster

AutoBidMaster Staff Writer

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