Blame it on ever-increasing consumption of fossil resources or the incessant turbulence in the global petroleum industry, the fact remains the same that gas prices are increasing at an alarming rate, which is a concern for everyone, especially those who own an automobile. While you can always count on our online salvage auto auctions to buy your favorite car at an affordable price, it is also important for you to know the things you can do to keep its running cost to the minimum. Read on as in this article, we present some such tips to increase the mileage of your car. 

Regularly Check Tire Air Pressure

Every tire is designed to deliver optimum performance, which also translates into optimum mileage, at a certain pressure point. Overinflating the tires not only results in a bumpier ride, it can also cause the tire to burst while operational. Underinflated tires, on the other hand, develop more friction with the road, thereby reducing the mileage of the car. It is, therefore, important to check the tire pressure regularly, and adjust it as and when needed. 

Maintain the Prescribed RPM

Over-revving the engine is one of the most common driving mistakes. It not only causes undue stress on the engine and associated components, it also results in reduced mileage. That said, every manufacturer prescribes the optimum RPM range within which the engine will deliver the maximum efficiency. If the range is not mentioned on the odometer, you can check the car’s manual to find the prescribed RPM range and try to operate the vehicle within that. 

Ensure Periodic Maintenance

The ideal period after which a vehicle should be serviced depends upon various factors such as its type, operating conditions, and driving habits. In general, consumer cars should be serviced at least once after every 12 months or 6 to 7 thousand miles, whichever comes first. Depending upon the scope of service, which could be major or minor, it may cover things such as replacement of air and oil filters, brake and gear oil top up, engine oil change, and more. 

The Last Word

Buying a car is one thing, but keeping it safe and sound on the road doesn’t have to become a financial burden. That’s the reason why it is always important to consider the long term cost of any vehicle that you are planning to buy. If you are still looking for a bargain on your favorite car, you have come to the right place. Placed among the leading salvage auto auction platforms in the USA, we give you access to the largest auto auction inventory in the country, with prices so low they’ll leave you pleasantly surprised. Register today to start bidding. If you have any questions, simply call: +1 (503) 298-4300, Mon through Fri, 6am-4pm (GMT-8:00) or email at:

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