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2020 was a difficult year for almost every business, and with the US being one of the worst hit countries by the pandemic, all prominent industries were notably effected, with the automobile industry being no exception. As most people remained indoors due to recurrent lockdowns, the overall sales of automobiles experienced a steep decline. The silver lining, however, was for truck manufacturers, as not one but five pickup trucks made it to 2020’s list of…

The Ford F-150 series is the leading pickup series in the US, and has held that title for almost fifty years! There is no other pickup that Americans trust more than the F-150, and there are multiple reasons as to why. The Ford F-150 series has been around since 1948, but only had it’s official debut in the 1970’s. With having over twelve generations of trucks in the series, it is a dominant player in…

Large vehicles such as trucks face a number of challenges during winter, and may need some repair and maintenance before temperatures being to fall. This is true for all kinds of trucks, whether it is a new one or one bought from a wrecked truck for sale online. To help you sail through winter without any trouble, in this post, we share some of the basic winter care tips for your truck. Take a look.

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