Large vehicles such as trucks face a number of challenges during winter, and may need some repair and maintenance before temperatures being to fall. This is true for all kinds of trucks, whether it is a new one or one bought from a wrecked truck for sale online. To help you sail through winter without any trouble, in this post, we share some of the basic winter care tips for your truck. Take a look.

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Avoiding Cold Soaks
Cold soak is a common issue with trucks during winter. When the temperature of the cylinder block and engine fluid drops to extremely low temperatures, it may lead to a problem called “cold soak”. This usually happens when the vehicle sits idle for long hours, generally more than a day. You can avoid this situation by starting the engine and running it at idle speed after every few hours depending upon the temperature in your area.

Check the Tires
During winter, the roads are slippery due to ice and snow, which can pose a huge risk for drivers. Inspect the tires of your truck for major signs of wear and tear. Check the tire tread to make sure it’s not worn out and is still capable of maintaining enough traction for safe driving. Also check the air pressure to make sure it is at the recommended pressure level.

Use Winter Fuel
When the temperature drops below freezing, diesel may freeze, leaving the truck stranded. To avoid such a situation, use winter diesel, which has been treated with additives such as anti-gels to prevent freezing in extremely low temperatures. Make sure you ask for only winterized fuel for your truck every time you refuel at the gas station during winter.

Change the Air Dryer
Air dryers in trucks are designed to filter out water vapor and other contaminants before they reach the air system of the vehicle. Without this mechanism, the brakes would freeze. Get the air dryer filter changed before the start of winter to keep the air system clean. This will prevent the dryer from jeopardizing efficient operation of your truck during winter.

Wrap Up
Winter may be a difficult time for trucks, but you can sail through the season with proper maintenance and preparation. In the meanwhile, if you’re in the trucking business and looking to add to your fleet, or planning to just get started, attend the online salvage truck auctions held at If you have any questions or wish to learn more about any of the salvage trucks for sale listed with us, simply call +1 (503) 298-4300 or fill out our contact form.

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