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Boats are nautical vehicles that vary in make, size, and intended use. For example, boasts like speedboats and sailboats are designed for recreation use, while submarines, aircraft carriers, whaleboats, and tugboats have military or industrial uses.

Regardless of their intended use, most boats share common terminology. For instance, the hull refers to the boat’s internal frames, which span the horizontal length of the vessel. This is encased by an outer shell, typically made of metal. The keel is the boat’s backbone, running along the underside’s center. Boats also have curves, such as the bow and deck. Such curves, like the bow, ensure the boat’s safety. The bow lifts the boat above waves, while the deck’s curves running horizontally, known as the sheer, also aid in balance and steering. In addition, the chine of a boat determines the vessel’s speed and proper handling.

Boats are intricate vehicles, and sometimes require repair or replacement part. Often, it is more economical to purchase used boat parts as opposed to new boat part. Typically-needed replacement parts include motors, engines, stern drivers, cylinder heads, transmissions, gauge instruments, electrical and wiring components, and bilges.

For instance, a mechanic might require a used stern driver. This part can be costly if purchased new. Often, a mechanic will acquire a used stern driver and rebuild it, ensuring that it looks and performs as expected, exceeding factory standards. A boat repair shop might acquire used parts online from Such parts, like the stern driver, can be easily located on, although the company does not sell individual parts. Instead, facilitates online auctions and brokers complete salvage boats and other vehicles from Copart Auto Auctions.

Although it might seem like a large investment, purchasing a salvage boat has numerous advantages. Often, salvage boats can be acquired in like-new condition. In turn, many of the boat’s parts will be like-new. In the stern driver example, a mechanic can acquire the piece in good, working condition. By purchasing an entire salvage boat, however, the mechanic will also attain numerous other parts that can be used for other repair needs. In this way, the body shop ensures that boat parts remain in stock. Through salvage boat purchases, the mechanic has the ability to meet customer’s needs. In addition, purchasing an entire salvage boat is more economical than purchasing individual parts as repair needs arise.

Online auctions, such as those facilitated by, are a convenient way to attain salvage vehicles. For an affordable rate, one can ship the salvage boat directly to one’s body shop. To locate such vehicles, simply click the blog header and enter your search criteria. has numerous boating options. Once one finds the desired vehicle, one then registers on the site and starts bidding. Online bidding eliminates the need for one to physically examine a boat at a salvage yard, reducing effort, cost, and time. As stated, purchasing a whole salvage boat ensures that one has a constant supply of parts, which is advantageous for one’s business.

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