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Manufactured in the United Kingdom, the Land Rover brand specializes in four-wheel drive vehicles. Second only to Jeep, Land Rover is the oldest SUV brand worldwide. Current models include compact SUVs like the Land Rover LR2, mid-sized SUVs like the Range Rover Sport, and full-size SUVs like the Range Rover. Regardless of the model, Land Rovers are characterized by their power takeoff, which allows the vehicles to remain stationary while heavy-duty equipment, like farm machines, operate. Land Rovers boast varying body styles that range from canvas-topped pickup trucks to 12-seater station wagons. The vehicles have been modified and are commonly used as ambulances, fire trucks, and snowplows. In addition, Land Rover vehicles have a long military history in the British army.

Regardless of how well one maintains a Land Rover, normal wear and tear is inevitable. The vehicles often require tune-ups, repairs, or replacement parts. Commonly-needed replacement parts for the Land Rover Discovery include engine parts like the short block, fuel and emission parts such as the air flow meter, cooling components like the radiator assembly, electrical components like the headlamp, transmission parts, the steering box, brake parts like break pads, and axel and suspension replacement parts. When purchased new, these parts can be notoriously expensive, in part because Land Rovers are imported, luxury-like SUVs. For instance, the engine short block costs over $3,700 when purchased new.

However, mechanics can also obtain much-needed parts through used or salvage vehicles. At, one can easily locate Land Rover, and other vehicle, salvage parts. However, the company does not sell these parts individually. is a registered broker, purchasing vehicles via Copart Auto Auctions. In short, one can purchase an entire salvage Land Rover through

Some mechanics might feel that purchasing a salvage vehicle is a hefty investment. On the contrary, salvage Land Rovers has numerous advantages for mechanic, body shops, and dealerships. For instance, these vehicles can often be purchased in near-mint condition. One can either sell the salvage Land Rover for a profit, or dismantle the vehicle and use it for its parts. If one chooses the latter, a mechanic can use workable engine parts—perhaps even the short block—in customer repairs. Here, the customer gains a genuine Land Rover salvage part that is far less expensive than a new part, and the mechanic ensures that the body shop has a steady supply of Land Rover parts in stock.

Furthermore, online salvage purchases eliminate the need for mechanics to wade through salvage yards. The salvage yard in question might be located far from one’s body shop, and mechanics waste time and energy visiting salvage yards and rummaging through the supply. On the other hand, has a wide variety of needed vehicles and their parts, and searching is simple. With a national database, a mechanic is sure to find the needed salvage vehicle. Finally, ships any purchases directly to one’s home or garage at an affordable rate. Clearly, online bidding via has numerous, cost effective advantages.

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