The cost of affording a brand new car might be a deterrent to many vehicle enthusiasts. Salvage vehicles are a good, viable option for the cost conscious consumer. If you carefully research salvaged vehicles, you can find your dream car for a fraction of the cost of new vehicles. Salvage cars provide an effective way of affording even exotic models that cost a substantial amount of money in showrooms.

There are a lot of salvage cars available today. For many people, opting for a used run and drive vehicle is a wise decision. These are cars that can be partly damaged, but they can still function just like any other new or used car. With a few repairs, you will be able to make them as good as new.

“Run & Drive” indicates that, upon arrival at the auction yard, the vehicle:

  1. Started and operated on its own.
  2. Shifted into gear.
  3. Moved forward independently.

However, it’s important to note that there’s no assurance, representation, or warranty that the vehicle will start, drive, or move forward under its own power when picked up from Copart’s facility.

Most of these cars are usually damaged from road accidents, and the owner chooses to replace them. However, this does not mean that they are completely unusable and cannot be restored. One of the common sources of these types of salvage vehicles comes from leasing companies. They usually consider the car too expensive to repair and include in their fleet, and later sell it to salvage yards.

“Run and drive” salvage vehicles also come from financial institutions, like bank and leasing companies. These institutions impound vehicles from borrowers who have failed to repay their loans. As a rule, these vehicles are usually in good condition without any damages. They are the most desirable, and you should aim to attain one. Furthermore, the cost of restoring them is negligible.

Another source of salvage vehicles is from insurance companies. The firms usually pay the owner of the car a pre-collision value and opt to sell the car to salvage yards.

Regardless of your desire to invest in a salvage vehicle that runs and drives, it is also important to exercise caution. For instance, salvage vehicles that appear to be in good condition could have been previously repaired. Unfortunately, you may come across those that have been repaired with stolen parts. If this is not the case, the repair may have been done with low quality parts that are subpar. That’s why we always recommend consulting with a knowledgeable mechanic before making any purchase decision. If possible, have a mechanic who is conversant with salvage car parts to conduct a thorough inspection.

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