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As a child, my parents always drove Volkswagen models. I remember their unique style, design features, and, most importantly, the enjoyable riding experience. Now, as an adult, I have the means to afford a salvage Volkswagen. I am particularly interested in the Volkswagen Touareg due to its practicality and unsurpassed handling.

In my opinion, the Touareg has the best features of all Volkswagen models and comes with attractive alloy wheels. Apart from the steel spare tire, most models usually come with an inside-mounted spare tire. The roof and glass are added bonuses, too, with variable rain-sensing wipers. Besides a rear defogger, the Touareg has a classic intermittent rear wiper.

When it comes to the engine and performance, Volkswagen vehicles surpass the competition. The Touareg is equipped with a 3.6l engine and a V6 cylinder. With the ability to generate 280hp of horsepower, the Touareg reaches a higher speed without compromising on the stability of the car. This car uses an 8-speed manual transmission, although you can opt for an automatic as well. The suspension of the car ensures a safe and enjoyable ride. The rear and front stabilizer bar reinforces the 4-wheel independent suspension.

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